Why Street Fighter X Tekken’s Gems Could Be Problematic for Tournaments

Keits: "Street Fighter X Tekken’s controversial Gem System is going to be one of the most aggressively debated issues of all time in competitive fighting games. By the end of this article, you’ll understand that one of three choices must be made. We can attempt to disallow gems in competitive play despite Capcom not allowing us to disable them in-game. We could allow only a certain set of gems, but deciding which would be based on subjectivity or worse, availablity. Our final option,perhaps the most realistic route, is to allow all gems while letting tournament directors suffer the cost (in money and time) of making every gem available on every tournament station. Read on to find out why this decision will be so difficult."

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VTKC2460d ago

so now who ever spends the most cash in buying DLC will win the match. Thats very clever of you Capcom. The fans will love this idea.

nyobzoo2460d ago

I can see them banning the gems in tournaments

MakiManPR2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

That's the problem, the gems can't be turned off.