Is Battlefield 3 The Most Visually Analyzed Game Of 2011?

At the start of the year, everyone assumed this crown would've gone to Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. But obviously, given the media attention, it has to be Battlefield 3.

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gamer2342315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

wait till u play both games, before u judge

Hagaf222315d ago

Not only that, but whats with graphics being a top priority? Don't get me wrong, I love great graphics, but I don't make them the go to standard I judge games by. I thought the beta for BF3 looked great, and supposedly the final version looks better, so great. But if not thats fine, because BF3's beta was insanely fun and addictive.

Iroquois_Pliskin2315d ago

agreed! Jesus never seen a game being so nitpicked before(after GT5)

-Mika-2315d ago

I think that why the game is getting so much attention. It because of the graphics. I bet if Dice was using frostbite 1.0. This game would not be this hyped.


Do you know anything about Battlefield gameplay and sound design? Doesn't matter if the graphics are good or sh**, DICE always pulls through in everything else.

Desmios2315d ago

in console, Uncharted 3 looks better

death2smoochie2315d ago

Uncharted 3 does look better for the console version of BF3. No argument there. Its a given...

HOWEVER, UC3 is also not rendering even half of what BF3 is doing on the console though. Give credit where credit is due.
UC3 would NOT look like the way it would if it was running a dynamic engine like what BF3 is doing even on consoles.
Can you imagine what BF3 would look like if DICE went the route of ND for BF3?
Take out destruction...take out most of the real time lighting and soft shadow effects and other dynamic real time features and make it all pre baked and pre calculated like 99% of console games out now. Take out vehicles, Planes, boats. Make maps as small as UC3 maps and make then just as linear.
DICE would have save large amounts of resources and CPU/GPU cycles and make BF3 look even better.
But that's not what BF is all about.
UC3 looks better but lacks a dynamic game engine to the level of BF3.
You cannot compare the two games. They are different.

-Mika-2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

You kinda being a fanboy. We are talking about the console version. It going to be just like uncharted with it scripted events in the single player mode

In multiplayer, the graphics are taking a hit. Same with the lighting and shadows. The destruction is actually going to be worse than bad company 2.

Now you're are right about not comparing them since they are two different games. Uncharted is not trying to be like battlefield in terms of multiplayer. So your whole rant was unnecessary

Hufandpuf2315d ago

DICE had to cram a huge game into the console. I'm sure if they only made the game 12 player online with no co op and small maps, I bet it would look miles beyond anything we'd ever seen.

Pandamobile2315d ago

Well, it makes sense that the game with the best graphics will be subject to tons of analysis.

Surfaced2315d ago

Crysis 2 was well-examined, too.