Batman: Arkham City: How the Dark Knight went open-world

As you may have already experienced following this week's launch, Batman: Arkham City is something very special indeed. While game sequels often turn out better than their predecessors, topping a BAFTA-award winning title in Batman: Arkham Asylum - a game that practically appeared from nowhere and surprised everyone with its atmosphere, action and attention to the rich Batman lore - is surely no easy feat. While there are many areas this sequel improves upon, we were particularly interested in seeing how it accomplished its biggest and most radical transition - going from a linear adventure to dense open-world - so well.

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kcuthbertson2407d ago

While I really liked Arkham didn't really feel like it was that much more "Open" compared to Arkham just felt more "citi-ish".

I guess I just feel that way because the city was pretty bland in most respects. I never felt the urge to stop and say "Whoa what is that?"

Don't get me wrong, I still love the game...second favorite game this year right after Portal 2.

StanLee2406d ago

While the city felt larger than Arkham Asylum, it didn't feel open. The places you can explore were limited to the game's story or side quests. Even exploration for collectibles didn't lead you off that linear path. I still felt there was way to much back tracking; a complaint I had with the first game.

Pozzle2406d ago

I must admit, I agree with this. While the city itself was quite large, there wasn't really much exploring to be done. I'm currently doing the side-missions and it can be pretty frustrating going from one side of the city to another, because the city itself is pretty linear. You can't explore buildings, take different paths, etc. The game only lets you go where it wants you to go, so there can be quite a bit of backtracking involved.

gypsygib2406d ago

I just want to say Batman AC GOTY.