7 Reasons Why There Will Be A Video Game Revolution This Fall

The planet will witness the emergence of groundbreaking video games this fall that will attempt to take gaming to a whole new level or die trying.

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Ezio20482404d ago

UC3....EPIC....GOTY 2011!!!

Brownghost2404d ago

i feel dark souls will get goty for being so amazing with great and addicting gameplay.

Skip_Bayless2404d ago

I hope UC3 wins because it's a PS3 exclusive.

It's not a revolution because consoles are falling behind compared to PC. We want xbox 720 next year and PS4 two years from now.

darksied2404d ago

While there are many games out/coming out soon that can warrant a GoTY award, I'm thinking it's between 3 games: Batman, Uncharted 3, and Portal 2. I don't think Batman really will stand up to the other 2, and I think Portal 2 will lose in the end ONLY because it's been so long and some of the craziness surrounding that has diminished.

BF3 is going to be the game I [assume I] will be playing for years, but GoTY will most likely be Uncharted 3, IMO.

megacowdung2403d ago

HAVE YOU SEEN SKYRIM??????????? :o

evilunklebud2403d ago

Not sure about GOTY... but we have UC3 on the brink, Forza 4, Batman, Gears.... good times.

_Aarix_2403d ago

Gears of war 3 has a much better chance.

Ezio20482402d ago

are you seriously living in this world??

i guess NOT!!

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Relientk772404d ago

There are soo many good games coming out this fall/winter. Most of them are sequels, but nonetheless, great selection of games for gamers of all 3 consoles

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2404d ago

guessing uncharted 3 will be favorite. followed by batman

bigrob9042404d ago

for me it's gonna be the elder scrolls skyrim, then when i get more money uncharted 3.

Ezetta2404d ago

No Skyward Sword? Fail.

Titanz2404d ago

SS will get shafted, just like Super Mario Galaxy 2 did.

colonel1792404d ago

Skyward Sword and Skyrim are the most notable that weren't there, yet they put Need for Speed...

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The story is too old to be commented.