EB Expo 2011: Final Verdict - AAA gaming event, or marketing blunder?


"It lacked exclusive content, reneging on promises, and regular ticket holders were treated as second class citizens compared to the more expensive VIP cards."

While our affiliates over at MMGN decided Australia “deserves a better gaming show”, we at OXCGN had a different experience.

That’s not to say that complaints made on the site and by their readers had no justification- some did – but the event we saw had a lot of different facets to it that should be considered.

As Australia’s first really big games expo, we have decided that it was certainly good enough to keep going and hopefully grow."

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gaminoz2434d ago

Great point form way to know what was good or bad about the event.

BAD: It's in Sydney next year!

XboxOZ3602434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I personally think it was a great event, not perfect, no event is, even E3 will always suffer 'issues'. But as an Aussie first, I think it did well in establishing that there IS A MARKET there for show organizers like Tradevent, the ppl that ran the event under contract from EB Games.

For them, this was their first foray into a 'gaming event', and from the very beginning, they were skeptical that an event for 'kids games' would be successful.

After speaking with Tradevent organizers towards the end of Sunday, they were definitely on-board with another, and had certainly changed their minds about who actually are gamers in Aistralia.

And it's NOT KIDS.

That in its self says a lot.

Now some gaming sites like to blow off steam and complain, simply because they can, the age of free speach and the internet's anonymity allows anyone to be a big mouth, without offering up evidence (conclusive) or bonafide alternatives to their dissatisfaction.

Sadly way too many ppl simply like to complain for the sake of it. In fact, it's almost expected, and if you don't, well - there must be something wrong with the person or site. Sad state of affairs when writers believe readers want only the bad news or bad criticisms.

What OXCGN has found out is that many readers, those that are mature minded (irrespective of age) actually want real, honest opinions, not half-cocked complaints.

I think the Expo will ne the beginning of something quite unique each year, and ideally, be shared around the various states. Sydney has the largest demographic available to any retailer.

So as far as economic, marketing, sales, and exposure, taking it to SYDNEY in 2012 makes perfect sens.

If I was running a company like that, I'd 'expect' it to be at the largest place once the first toe-in-the-water event went of - well.

Gamers need to stop complaining and start rewarding the companies for their efforts. Sure, it could have been better, but if ppl think it could have been better, don't complain, why not propose and alternative idea around what you THINK went wrong, and offer it up to the organizers.

You might find your thoughts worth the time, and see them in action the following year.

Complain, do nothing, then all you'll have to do next year is - well - complain all over again.

But hang on, perhaps that's just what some ppl want, and excuse to complain, yet do NOTHING concrete to help the situation.

Gamers are a pathetic lot, especially in Australia.

BadCircuit2434d ago

It was great that it was on the Gold Coast.

I wonder how many people thought it was a commercial marketing campaign by EB Games?

BadCircuit2434d ago

"I wanted to see more unique or collector’s items in the EB Store: I wanted an Ezio figurine! More stuff related to gaming culture would have been welcome, and more space, with people having to line up for quite awhile to get in at some stages.

Not as many promotional freebies as some people thought there would be. Surprisingly it was the gaming peripheral type booths that were often most generous."

I agree with those 2 points!

XboxOZ3602434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I saw ppl walking around with the Gears Of War Chainsaw-Gun, the full-size replica - for just $125 - there's no way that the item's wholesale price was that.

I nabbed the Crysis 2 Nano Collector edition which came in a HUGE, read HUMUGUS - it took both hands to carry the bugger) box which included a proper high quality backpack, which has a special laptop section, removable securing brace and cover, and well padded.

In fact, I used it on my travels back to Sydney via coach and train, and served its purpose very well indeed. It also had a superb collectors art book, hard covered, sleeve covered gloss art book around 2100 pages.

Plus an huge 11" figurine of the protagonist of Crysis 2, the Tin Case for the game, but alas, no game. But ppl were made aware opf that How much for all that - just $68 .

That's a steal even if you have the game already. There's not a hope in Hades you could buy the backpack for that. So there were plenty of bargains.

There was plenty of goodies being handed out by vendors, be that EA, Ubisoft, the hardware ppl, T shorts, Games, Software promo gear, - It was there for the asking, or being handed out.

I'm afraid way too many gamers in Australia want everything for nothing, and do not want to contribute in return.

Having had run events myself in the past, I could see this was well organized, and there was a lot of stuff for all members of the family.

Stop complaining gamers, or you'll have NOTHING to go to if you don't stop your bitchin

Belgavion2434d ago

Bigger and better next year!