Rumor Report: The Latest on the PS4, Xbox 720, and Wii U

GP blogger, Kaptain J writes, "Speculation is at an all-time high regarding the next generation of consoles these days. And with the announcement of the Nintendo Wii U earlier this year, rumors have been pouring in like beer in a frat boy's stomach. And if these rumors are anything like the ones we heard about the "Wii 2" before it was announced, we can only have faith that at least a few of these might be accurate in the end.

It's true that most rumors tend to be false hopes and lies, but there have been several rumors about the Nintendo Wii U before its announcement that turned up to be pretty true. So will the PS4 and Xbox 720 follow suit? How will they look? Will the two consoles have realistic graphics? What new or improved features will they have? And when, exactly, are they expected to show up on store shelves? While not official, here are some speculative answers that might interest you for the time being."

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xer02311d ago

Interesting article.

While Microsoft and Sony have attempted to extend the life of the Xbox and PS3 with Kinect and Move - this was not intentional. They only did so, to buy into the casual market that Nintendo attracted with the Wii.

What I suspect Sony will do, is make Move peripherals compatible on PS4 - while also introducing a new means to interact with objects in 3D space.

Microsoft on the other will certainly improve on kinect, however they need some sort of peripheral like the Move to improve on the game experience, for genres like FPS, Sport (Tennis/Golf) etc.

I am almost certain that Microsoft will use IBM and ATI... However it's hard to guess what GPGPU Sony will use, as Nvidia did piss them off with the RSX. With that said, it's almost guaranteed that Sony will implement an updated CELL processor.

Whether Sony want to be last out of the gate like they were this generation... only time will tell - next year! ;-)

I'm interested to find out what other peoples opinions are...

BitbyDeath2310d ago

I pretty much agree with everything you have said.
Also I'm sure both will sport Blu-ray nextgen and have about 1-2gb of ram available.

Bolts2310d ago

Nothing less than 2 GB is acceptable, and maybe even 4 GB. At 1 GB the nextgen console would come out of the gate with as much RAM as a cell phone. That's pathic.

BitbyDeath2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Don't forget that memory is used differently on consoles. Currently both consoles have 512mb and are achieving things that only 4GB+ PC's can do.

2GB would be heaps for consoles.

Bolts2310d ago

It doesn't matter how it's used when there haven't been a console with enough memory in the history of gaming. Sony thought the PS3's 512 MB would be heaps of memory until they found out that it can barely run Home, play a MMO, or even have in game chat.

Now they know better. The nextgen of consoles should be able to seamlessly run Home in the background while playing BF 4 with 128 players while running various "apps" at the same time. If you put 2 GBs on a console the developers will definitely max it out. If you put 4 GBs it'll just take them a little time until they do max it out.

nano882310d ago

They should name the next xbox evolution so it would be xbox evolution

slavish2310d ago

i dont understand the logic in the article. they say ps4 is will be the most powerful because the ps3 is now but the xbox was more powerful last time and look now. Also sony went on record stating they aren't going to make a big jump from ps3 to ps4. the article doesnt take into account ps3 was sonys largest jump and there least profitable system. i personally think it will be hard to tell them apart and games and controller preference will be deciding factor again.

Felinox2310d ago

You are so right about controller preference. People seldom mention this. I have both systems and almost always choose the 360 version of a game sice the controller is so much more comfortable in my hands. Sony not redesigning the ps3 controller was a big dissapointment.
I think this opinion is pretty common among older gamers or multi syastem gamers.

matey2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Look all this licking sonys balls like they invented graphics is aload of rubbish the gamecube smacked the hell out of ps2 and xbox yes xbox in terms of texture passes ect it demolished xbox so just because the ps3 is the most powerful doesnt mean shit its about the developers making the games and i think every1 is going to be surprised at what nintendo do and there 1st partys with WiiU i mean that tech demo was knocked up in weeks on early dev kits and it already looks like CGI u cant get better than wiiu in terms of graphics u just cant graphics wont sell ps4 it will be interface and social networks linked to games like posting your fastest lap on F1 2012 to facebook that sort of thing and how u play you are gulable if u think 1 console will stand out from other 2 this time it wont be the case all 3 will be equal in graphics its a fact like it or not even Sony themselves have spoken about ps4 and that it wont be much more powerful than ps3 so thats that all 3 will support DX11/DX12 equivilent graphics weather thats in openGl or DX they will all be super powerful its all about the games Zelda HD looks like the best 1 to me as Skyward sword gets the best review ever off EDGE magazine proves the devs at nintendo are more than capable to bring the battle to sony and camp and they did that with a lesser console in terms of raw power my bet is Nintendo will dominate 50% next gen and leave the other 50% for sony/microsoft to battle it out and most 3rd partys will flock to Nintendo WiiU. MARK MY WORDS

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