Uncharted 3 reigns in PS3 dominance

MMGN writes: If ever a series represented the progression of a console, it's been Uncharted: initially plagued by concerns surrounding its lead platform's development issues, Naughty Dog's brilliant series is the perfect PS3 exclusive, thanks to an evolved experience centered around fantastic characters, a stunning world and, most importantly, a likeable hero.

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jc485732315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

some prefer Gears, but I prefer Uncharted.

JellyJelly2315d ago

I prefer Uncharteds SP and Gears MP (mainly Gears 3), if I had to choose. Both great exclusives in their own ways.

tehgam3r2315d ago

I have both. I like both. No reason for me to take sides.

Bereaver2315d ago

I can completely understand not taking sides when you love both and find them both to be of equal level.

But declaring this like you'll always be the middle man just seems corny.

You must fight for what you like or love in games.

I myself couldn't take the machoism in Gears 3. The same way as I can't declare direct hate for the so called movie series "twilight".

That's a simply understood expression of what I like without really declaring which one is better. It's just how I feel.

I did not deny quality, I did not provoke a war.

Different strokes for different folks.

MasterCornholio2315d ago

In my opinion Uncharted is a much better franchise than gears. But gears is still good.


DigitalRaptor2315d ago

"There just isn't a series, on any console, that has seen as big a jump in quality from one title to the next as Uncharted has."

This is how I feel. People might rip on Uncharted for being linear and too similar to Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones, but Naughty Dog are doing things that no other developers are doing and in a way that perfects the genre. Gorgeous presentation too.