It's Time for a Kick-Ass Superman Game

A few suggestions for how to make it work.

A poll was opened last week on IGN that pitted The Dark Knight against a range of other popular heroes and comic book titles from the DC Universe, and it was the Last Son of Krypton that came out on top with 32.49% of the vote. The poll was conceived after Batman: Arkham City's lead writer Paul Dini told IGN that he'd be interested in working on a Superman game in a recent interview.

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DarkBlood2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

god yes id give both testicles since i have no use for them for a kick ass superman game (fav dc hero) to be made then at the end of the game have doomsday punch out of the ground or something leading to a sequal

Iroquois_Pliskin2284d ago

oh yeah flying around as superman would be awesome!

DarkBlood2284d ago

well hey the start of the game could be jor-el trying to get the baby into the spaceship before the whole planet blows up or something like that

ATi_Elite2284d ago

or Batman showing up in a Krytonite suit and kicking superman's arse all over metropolis.

The Dark Knight rules!

I can't think of a game that had great flying animation that would be a good Superman engine! any way the engine would need to be open world and have Destruction plus a great physics engine to really give the gamer the feel of superman.

someone needs to just make a Special game engine for a proper Superman game.

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