This is what a next-generation version of Quake 3: Arena could look like

DSOGaming writes: "3D artist Mark Harrington went ahead and created what could be easily mistaken with a next-generation version of Quake 3: Arena. Mark used Maya ZBrush to create Quake 3: Arena’s character – Orb – and the texturing was all polypainting. After creating the main character, Mark did the UV’s with UV Master and then GoZ’d everything into Maya for rendering. The end result is astounding, so make sure to check these screenshots."

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john22434d ago

Indeed it is. Damn, I want a next-gen version of Quake 3 :/

NarooN2434d ago

Maybe this is what Quake V will look like. I hope id is 100% behind development on that one, though Quake IV wasn't that bad really.