Battlefield 3 Regular vs. HD Texture Comparison Video

Battlefield 3 gives the player an option to install an HD Texture Pack to their hard drive for a gigantic 1.5 gigabytes of hard drive space. The comparison above shows the difference between the regular textures and HD textures.

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dski10802131d ago

Wow, that makes a HUGE difference.

beer_baron2131d ago

That makes a world of difference

explicitd2131d ago

I could see this technique extending the lifespan of the 360 by allowing better graphics even with outdated hardware.

playgame382131d ago

Very cool! Was this on the PC and it was using an Xbox 360 controller?

rvbfreak2131d ago

It was on the Xbox 360 with the HD texture pack installed.

explicitd2131d ago

Still though, since this game was designed primarily using the PS3, I think the 360 will look the worst out of the three systems it's releasing on.

Janitor2131d ago

What the hell are you talking about?

rvbfreak2131d ago

I think he means that the PS3 version won't have to put up with installing the HD texture pack, and the PC version will always be superior to consoles.

Janitor2131d ago

@ rvbfreak- The PS3 DOES install the HD pack, only difference is it's mandatory. Christ, does anyone bother actually reading any of the articles on here?

explicitd2131d ago

I mean that DICE uses the PS3 as the primary console for development when making multi-console games.

Janitor2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

I did not know that.