Michael Phelps: Push The Limit Review [TrendyGamers]

When looking to buy a game for Kinect, Xbox 360 owners should only be focusing on two things. Is the game fun and how much exercise do I get? While Push The Limit isn’t as fun or polished as other Kinect games, it is definitely one of the more tiring Kinect games on the market.

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capjacksparrow2458d ago

I WANT TO BE MICHAEL PHELPS. Sense the sarcasm?

TrendyGamers2458d ago

Hey, you cant argue with all those gold medals.

Urrakia342458d ago

You obviously don't understand the magnitude of this groundbreaking video game. What other game let's you actually win a swimming race by using real skill?.....Yea that's what I thought, so stop hating.