Ultimate Battlefield 3 vehicle list

The ultimate Battlefield 3 vehicle list, with detailed info on tanks, jets, helicopters, and more.

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TrendyGamers2463d ago

There's just so many vehicles in this game! I can't wait to play it.

Shackdaddy8362463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I wonder what ever happened to fighting the Chinese...

Imma gonna miss that in BF3... Maybe it will be DLC or something.

w/e. I can't wait to fly my littlebird around

ECM0NEY2463d ago

For real! Did you see the opening for the Olympics? All of them banging the drums in unison. I was scared!

Whats the Chinese US invasion plan? I forgot...

Shackdaddy8362463d ago

Lol. Well, I'm not afraid of them in real life(they may become more powerful than us but it would be very very dumb of them to attack us).

I just liked fighting against them in BF2 on those cool maps in China.

@Rearden below
Ya. Fighting MEC was awesome too. I'm gonna miss that also...

Rearden2463d ago

I miss the Chinese and MEC factions too. The Russians are getting boring...