The Downfall Of Square Enix: A Timeline

VelocityGamer: There was once a time when you could buy a Squaresoft game on that name alone. Here is a timeline of recent years where Square Enix is concerned, draw your own conclusions.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2430d ago

It really is a shame. Seriously no KINGDOM HEARTS on consoles this gen!? Who would have thought that would happen prior to this gen.

iamtehpwn2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Indeed. There are so many things that went wrong with this company. If you have to boil it down to a few points:

- Lack of timely release of original FFXIII, Versus XIII, and Type-0

- No Kingdom Hearts game on HD consoles

- Lack of responding to the arguably most highly demanded fan requested game of all time (Final Fantasy VII remake or a proper Final Fantasy VII-2)

- Final Fantasy XIII and XIV (in general)

- It is nearly impossible to list one game from this generation their internal Japanese studios developed with a 90+ metacritic. This an absolute failure when you consider that before, a Final Fantasy numbered iteration have anything lower than a 90 metacritic was unheard of.

Commander_TK2429d ago

Nomura and his team is the last hope for Square Enix now.

badz1492430d ago

but they certainly have fallen! KH was one hell of a game and it was still under Squaresoft but when Enix came in and KH2 was released, it felt like a downgrade from KH! who in the right mind thought that QTE is suitable for an ARPG?

LondonMediaOS2429d ago

Sure of hell wasn't me, it was one of the reason I bought a PS3 originally... "Yeah we are gonna get like three Final Fantasy's this Gen and Kingdom Hearts 3 they will all have HD graphics; man I'm so gonna love this generation." Ignorance sucks.

Hockeydud192430d ago

Really is a shame. Hopefully they find a way to spring back because they have some of the most creative games around. Or did.

Pintheshadows2430d ago

Ahhh Squaresoft, how I mourn thee.

chidori6662430d ago

"2011 May: Square Enix posts a $150 million loss (34.8%) in overall sales for the fiscal year ending in March. The developer lays this at the feet of the disaster that is Final Fantasy XIV.

i hope this happen the same for FFXIII-2

Canary2430d ago

Timeline? It wasn't a progression. Square-Enix has been garbage from the very begining. Square = Good, Enix = Good, everything post-merger has ranged from underwhelming to awful.

HeavenlySnipes2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

was great. Its rated as high as FFVII and FFVI. Awesome game


People hate it but have no reason to. Open world, much more content and side quests than any other FF game all with fighting in real time with enemies on screen. My personal best FF game. (Yes I played all of them from FFVI except FFVIII and FFX-2)

Pintheshadows2430d ago

Sorry, I disagreed with you because i'm terrible with numerals. I thought you said 13 was great. I actually quite liked 12. I was hoping 13 would be similar.

Canary2429d ago

No reason? LOLNO.

People hate FFXII for two reasons.

1) The battle system. Most of this hatred comes from simple ignorance--they fail to recognize that it's pretty much the same as traditional ATB.

2) The story. It sucks, and there's no denying that. FFXII had trouble in production (same as FFXIII, etc.) and that resulted in having a very poorly developed story, including a protagonist with virtually zero role, and huge swaths of the game with zero exposition.

Basically, the same two most common complaints levied against FFXIII. Saying that people have "no reason" to dislike the game, and then pointing to metacritic scores is almost as bad as using sales data to defend a games quality.

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The story is too old to be commented.