Six Killer PS3 Exclusives That Can't Be Missed

''The PS3 can confidently lay claim to a tantalizing selection of absolutely unforgettable experiences, with titles such as the globetrotting Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, the titan-slaying God of War 3 and the stealth-driven Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots leading the charge. We here at SilleGamer have lovingly compiled a list of the top six killer PS3 exclusive titles that we feel are positively amazing in more ways than one.''

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DigitalRaptor2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

I own every one of these besides LBP2 and Resistance 3, and can safely say:

GOW3 - best hack & slash I've ever played. stunning! GOW2 had a better story though.
MGS4 - perfect blend of stealth action and story with fitting conclusion. Epic!
Heavy Rain - indescribably unique dark adventure/thriller. Fahrenheit: near-perfected!
Uncharted 2 - pinnacle of cinematic action/adventure gameplay! Love this sh*t!!

Will get Resistance 3 when it reaches £20, but from what I can see it's the best in the series.

LittleBigPlanet 2 - it's definitely more of the same with added depth and I LOVED the original, but I might wait for LBP Vita instead.

execution172432d ago

I own all but R3 reason being I don't have a lot of spending money :(

CloseSecond2432d ago

My advice is pick up R3 at a budget price in the new year. Its a solid enough game but does not provide anything new.

nix2432d ago

owner of all here. and a very happy one too. ((:

but i think there are 15+ must own PS3 exclusives out there. i do own some of them.

my ratio for PS3 exclusive and multiplat games is 5:1. quality of most of the PS3 exclusives are just way way high and sadly, i've been pampered.

KingPin2432d ago

i just finished MGS4 this weekend after owning it for 2 years.

i must say it was enjoyable, but i dont know, i just felt it lacked something that the first one <on psone> had. not sure what it is though.

it is a satisfying experience, worthy of its praise but yeah....something just felt odd.

torchic2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

wow after 2 years? what would happen to you if you were to buy a game like Skyrim?

SilleGamer2432d ago

Yeah Resistance 3 is well worth a pick-up.

It's undeniably the best of the series! :)

Quagmire2432d ago

What was the point in this list?

SilleGamer2432d ago


Just a list of some of the most killer PS3 exclusives out there, for people who may not have picked them up yet - no harm done I hope!

Quagmire2432d ago

Yea, no offense (offence?), but I mean...its seems somewhat redundant considering you named the top most well known and highest scoring games for PS3.

JakemanPS319942432d ago

Where did you find that? It looks real enough. Find out tomorrow at 9.

OT: I have all those but mgs4 . I've never played mgs game except for acid, should I still play it.

SilleGamer2432d ago

Ok, now that is interesting.

Hopefully it is real!

DigitalRaptor2432d ago


That must be a Greg Miller review if it's real!

wsoutlaw872432d ago

Demons souls and infamous 2 need to be on there in my opinion.

fucadastates2432d ago

valkyria chonicles and alot of NISA games would be on my list