Has Bethesda made Skyrim too easy with new spells / shouts?

Product-Reviews writes: Is there perhaps a danger of Skyrim being slightly too easy with spells like this in the game? Bethesda has said that they want to make the game more accessible to everyone this time around, but we hope that access to these spells doesn’t come at the very start of the game as it would obviously make things too easy with access to an instant paralysis spell.

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tr00p3r2309d ago

All depends on how long this spell lasts for I guess..if it's a couple of seconds..then no big deal.. If it's instant paralyse for like 30 seconds then things get a WHOLE lot easier..sure looks fun to use though.. VAMOOSH!

da_2pacalypse2309d ago

wait a minute... is this guy actually complaining about skyrim? I never thought I'd see a day where a gamer complains about such awesome-ness.

Blackdeath_6632309d ago

simples, dont use them then. see...problem solved.

Xenial2309d ago

I really want this game. I'm getting this before i buy BF3 & MW3.

Pintheshadows2309d ago

I have no idea as it isn't out yet.

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BigBoss072309d ago

I don't play Elder Scrolls for its difficulty. Hell, Morrowind wasn't hard after getting to later levels, not to mention Mark,Retract, and Levitate spells.

Elder Scrolls is basically a game of epic moments when you somehow take out enemies or a finish a quest using your on creative methods like killing Dagoth Ur, decked out in full daedric armor and carry a sword that looks like fire on fire, with one hit.

I'm pretty sure their will be some epic tales to tell when I'm finished with this game. :)

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