Skylanders Action Figures Video takes a look at several of the action figures that can be used in the Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures videogame. The action figures feature some really cool designs and some unintentionally hilarious marketing copy. This video introduces you to some of the 30+ toys that can be used in the game.

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GunFisher2458d ago

This game looks like crap, how on earth was this well rated. It's NOT a Spyro game so why when reviewing it do reviewers ignore this. Even the gimmick like add ons are terriable. 30 toys for parents to waste their money on for their kids and when the sequel comes out they will have another 30 more to buy plus the old toys probably won't work with the new game knowing Activision.

PirateThom2458d ago

Not really that different from any "collectable" series, this just happens to have a game attached to it.

GunFisher2458d ago

I think I have more of problem with the way Spyro has been exploited. They just did it to try and catch Spyro lovers expanding their money audience.

They kept going on about how old school Spyro fans will find this amazing and at the end of the day it hasn''s had the opposite effect on me. I know it's for kids but I didn't want Spyro to go down like this.

PirateThom2458d ago

Sadly Spyro is facing the same fate as Crash Bandicoot, Activision just have no idea what to do with the characters to make compelling games.

Shadowaste2458d ago

I think the figures are kinda cool looking, I don't collect toys and have not since I was 12 or so, but they look neat....If the game with a few of these packed in drops to $20 I'll probably buy it for my wife, she loves stuff like that.

I still buy her pokemon cards and plushes, chicks dig this kind of stuff, well, nerdy ones:)

*nothing better than a sexy nerdy chick!

aPerson2458d ago

The game turned out to be decent, but I (and everyone else) would rather have a proper Spyro game over this.

What I don't get it is:

Activision are known to recycle successful formulas (CoD and Guitar Hero), so it puzzles me as to why they don't COPY the gameplay and ideas of the original Crash and Spyro games for future installments instead of damaging the IP?

EVO-OM3GA2458d ago

I was watching the game get played in my local gamestation store it's actually pretty cool the ideas that they have implimented can be the beginning of something big for the spyro series a lot of kids came in and bought it same with moms and a few male adults.

Think I will buy 2 of them for my lady friends they love platform games and they would love this game!

Well done Acti

Neo Nugget2458d ago

I just wish they would have removed Spyro from the name so all of you people would quit bitching about it. Good God...

From what I've heard the game looks like a lot of fun. Kinda curious to see the amount of content offered right out of the box.