Final Fantasy XIV Vita App Would Allow Some Mobile Play, PS3 Version Pushed to 2013

Square Enix is talking a lot of FFXIV redux lately. Specifically, the mention of a Vita app being considered for the MMORPG that would apparently let you advance the game somewhat on the go, away from the full PC/PS3 2.0 versions.

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SOD_Delta2455d ago

I think the FF franchise need to slow down a bit. There's like 10 (not a real estimate) FF games in development. It's a bit overwhelming.

VampiricDragon2455d ago

not really.

Theres as of right now 3 in development

rhythm ( out by the end of the year), 13-2 ( out by the end of the year) , and versus.

So by the end of the year there will be 1 that we know about

Marceles2455d ago

Get it together Square Enix, you're sloppy as hell. *turns on Vampiric's sarcasm detector* Maybe you'll get SOD's point now.

Apotheosize2455d ago

PS4 will be out by then sigh

Ddouble2455d ago

If this gets some sort of Vita playability it would be good if they can tie in your 3G bill with your XIV subscription.