Bloodforge Announced for XBLA

Climax Studios has revealed Bloodforge, a gory action title based on Celtic mythos heading to Xbox Live Arcade. The game promises to bring a brutal combat system, stunning art style, and a deeply compelling story. The game centers around Crom, a warrior who must battle the demented forces of the evil gods in order to save the world.

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lochdoun2432d ago

The game is published by Microsoft so it's an exclusive. The concept art looks great, a real gritty and unique art style.
Here is the teaser trailer:
Definitely have this one on my radar.

Bigpappy2432d ago

If M$ were to buy studio's (I am no advocation that they do)this studio should be one; High Voltage would be another, that they could get for cheap and have great developement teams.

I already know this game is going to be good, because Climax is working on it.