Why the PS Vita WILL Succeed

As many of you know, Sony’s latest console, the PS Vita, is set to hit stores this February. I personally couldn’t be more excited to get my hands on it. There are a number of reasons why I feel that the PS Vita will be a success, both financially and in customer satisfaction.

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themonsterplayer2436d ago

Who really cares about all that, 3DS brought the biggest innovations of all, and the games will get better

NeverLetGo2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

3D without glasses existed before Nintendo put it into the 3DS.

Other than that, I wouldn't call a terrible launch and 14 year-old rehashes "innovative".

Bring on the Vita.

yabhero2435d ago

was 3d without glasses mainstream? no. terrible launch. no... good launch... no. I think you forgetting that 5-6 million people own this thing. Zelda is beast with updated graphics and whatnot so is starfox. besides the sexy games on thier way. a lot of them will be here before the us vita release.

MoXxXi2436d ago

Lol, hardly...The 3DS brought in a bunch of gimmicks and expected them to sell. When they didnt, they lowered the price, and pissed off their gamers even more. The good games were not released when they needed to be, and even when they do release, gamers are too scared of the failure that they wont bother picking it up. Vita will blow away 3DS. Simple as that. Time to grow up, kids. Nintendo is for little kids, Sony is for the big boys.

yabhero2435d ago

1. Mr.Fanboy PSvita has gimmicks( cough rear touch pad cough), everything starts out as a gimmick, remember when analog sticks and D-pads were gimmicks.
2. Holiday season and the addition of good games WILL push sales... why wld gamers be afraid if the 3ds is selling better than ds (best selling handheld all time) in its first year.
3. Am I the only one who remember when ppl said the same thing for PSP vs DS and look what happend then!

WooHooAlex2436d ago

Oh god, its a troll! Someone kill it with fire!

jujubee882436d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

"and the games will get better"

Do you mean games like Monster Hunter? A game which found success (in a portable franchise) on the PSP? A game which Nintendo shamelessly and cowardly had to pay Capcom off at the last second to have? HUH?!? IS THAT WHAT YOU MEAN????????

If that is not what you mean, nvm. :>


It is all just plastic. The PS Vita is just far superior in blurring the notion that it is "just a piece of plastic" with its content (i.e. PS Vita's online network, games, apps, etc). All in all, blurring that distinction is all an engineer of these devices can ask for, which is why the PS Vita is so very good.

themonsterplayer2436d ago

Maybe Nintendo had a bad start up but i assure you it's working something up, and i dont think PS vita is that big a deal. my opinion

Jio2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

You mean, a DS with 3D? It only brought glasses free 3D, which existed way before, but everything else is the same with the DS. THe PS Vita on the other hand.

1. FIrst handheld with dual analogue sticks and back touch panel
2. FIrst handheld with a true online experience, cross game chat and more
3. First handheld with home console integration
4. First handheld with an HD screen (smartphones don't count)

But what'll sell is that it does more than play games. The 3DS doesn't get youtube, the PS Vita will do great web browsing with the touch screen. The PS Vita gets android apps and MP3's, movies, and android games.

Edit: I may sound like a fanboy, but I own a 3DS. I still don't have any games besides resident evil and Street Fighter IV. I don't use it that much to be honest.

yabhero2435d ago

Does a DS with 3D exist? I love how everyone says glasses 3D existed before.Has it existed on a handheld gaming system. No. was it mainstream. No. PSP the vitas predecessor had remote play PS# integration. The Wii and DS communicated for games. comparing the 3DS to a DS is terms of graphics is stupidity. the 3DS is a huge graphical update over DS. is PS3 just a PS2 HD? No. 3ds= overpowered Wii in terms of graphics soem times better liek resident evil. Ds= N64 look at ocarina of time then look at twilight princess look back... see the difference. The Vitas screen is HD but in terms of pixel resultion the 3ds is a little higher. Ill give you dual analog. Nintendo is currently improving eshop to add movies and videos.3ds has netflix hulu plus a web browser than cld be getting flash a 3d cam wth upgraded quality and uploads. 3Ds can play any music file vita can. get you facts straight

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CloseSecond2436d ago

Lets wait and see rather than jump to conclusions. Yes the Vita will likely have a solid launch but I'm interested to see how it is going 6-12 months after its release.

themonsterplayer2436d ago

People will quickly realize that ps vita doesn't bring anything out of the ordinary, and it will be all about ocarina of time

jujubee882435d ago

PS Vita Features:

5-inch OLED
Quad Core processors
Front-touch and Back-touch
Dual analogs
Front/back cameras
Traditional buttons
512MB of RAM
125 VRAM


Sound Shapes
Call of Duty
Assassins Creed
Final Fantasy X
Tales of Innocence R
Persona 4
Fifa 12

That is just around launch. The only thing not changing drastically for PS Vita is the hardware. The PS Vita has the perfect balance in hardware, it does not need an extra camera like the PSP had because it already has two built-in.

CloseSecond2435d ago

@jujubee88: Wow, the Vita really has all those specs. It can't possibly fail now can it.

There's always some fanboy ready to pluck all the specs he/she can muster from their ass to support their fanboyism. You know, the mass market does not care about specs. Hell, the Vita could fail with the mass market because it does not fit into a pocket or the fact its missing one of the most common portable device features of all...its not a cellphone.

But wait for it, someone is bound to pull out "but it has skype" argument. Well, Skype is not the same as having a mobile phone and who knows how they will end up now that MS owns the rights to it.

supremacy2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

The vita will be a success, mark my words, quote me if you like.

Pre orders are through the roof in japan and thats without a mario, resident evil, pokemon or a monster hunter game on display.

No I dont care what happened with the psp and ds, those were very different times and still even with severe hacks and at a more expensive price tag the psp has manage to reach 70 million units that in itself is a success.

The 3DS is a good platform and its good at what it does, which is basically replicate the formula of the DS, which isnt a bad thing considering how succesful its been.

But its not a question of powerful devices versus weaker ones or Brand. Its a question of many things.

People always say "oh the xbox was more powerful than the ps2 and look at how that turned out" Riiight, the xbox was a new contender, new to the scene and launched a year later. The dreamcast was less powerful than the ps2 and launched a year before and what happened?

The wii came out year later than the 360 and surpassed it and the ps3 in sales, why? How? Simple, price. Years later(as both ps3&360 reach a similar price point to the wiis), here we are with the other two platform gaining steam with each passing year while the wii is on the decline.

The 3DS wouldn't survive a head to head sales race against a device like the vita if it wasnt for a price drop which it got, face it, times are changing and consumers are becoming self aware of the many differences between competting devices. If the 3DS were to remain at 250 and the vita launched tomorrow with its line up at the same asking price? You and the folks at Nintendo could forget about it.

The vita from the looks of it seems like a well thought out device, its set for success with or without the 3DS in the room.

And I get that by the time the vita hits the rest of the world the 3DS would have a slew of wanted games, and thats perfectly fine. But in many cases a new platform launch usually trumps anything else, besides the vita is set to have 18 to 26 games in day one, and of those at least 9 can be considered tripple A titles. I simply throw this out there just in case people want to start comparing, the date is 12/17/11 in japan. I am sure that alone will do Sony enough justice until they can fully finish capitalizing on the 2/22/12 by then the media blow outs and the viral campaigns will sufficate the forums,blogs and retailers. Believe me nothing beats the launch of new hardware, nothing.

Now, I just want to clarify that in no way am I suggessting that 3DS will succum to failure. I am simply saying the vita will succeed regardless of what happened to the psp in the past. Two different platforms, two different approach, two different philosophies behind each device, and two different staff handling things, and most obviously two different eras.

joeorc2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )


"But wait for it, someone is bound to pull out "but it has skype" argument. Well, Skype is not the same as having a mobile phone and who knows how they will end up now that MS owns the rights to it."

Have you used skype?

you do know that there is SKYPE IN RIGHT?

IF you have the PSVita that is 3G, than what would it matter how you transmit a call across the 3G network as long as the call quality is good?

I use Skype on my android Tablet which by the way is only on Wifi not even 3g an i get fantastic call quality.

that fact alone on the Vita with 3G allows you to take incoming call's an to make outgoing across 3G an yes with a skype in number there is no [email protected] reason it would need to be a Phone, because at that point calling it, that it's not a "phone" is really a blunt an moot an again pointless.

the effect is the same across the 3G network, the vita has a built in Mic, or you can use Bluetooth..has a camera front facing an rear facing an now with the playstation suite the PSVita will have game an non game applications from Android.

which by the way, along with the Vita the android 2.3 devices also have that very same playstation Suite.

your right most mass market users do not care about spec's so it's a good thing the vita supports a mass market application platform for games an non game app's.

supremacy2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

His argument is that,its not a phone, well the xperia play is and how has that turned out? Please this guy above you needs to get serious.

Skype like you say has its value. And as for the whole MS owns skype business? Well thats exactly what it is business... MS is one of the greediest companies in the world and skype has the number of clients on their side the last thing they want to do is lose clients. Think before you spew nonesense, viaos pcs run windows in case you havent heard and the 360 uses dvd which was co developed by yours trully Sony.imagine.

Vita may have skype, but with that argument and mindset in mind what does the 3DS have? Because I am sure that its not a phone either.

And here is the funny part of all this, what guarantees any major publishers that their 40 dollar games will sell well on phones they are not a 100% why they are being bought for?

lol 99 cents games will sell loads thats for sure, but big time publishers are some greedy mofos and they want as much revenue they can squeese out of retail.

The phone sector is an uprising market within an established market, its not something that will replace it.

ViTa will be fine in all fronts, count on it.

joeorc2435d ago

"His argument is that,its not a phone, well the xperia play is and how has that turned out?"

Well now that you asked, the Xperia-Play is now on T-mobile an Now also on AT&T AN IS 4G that you can get for $49.00.

So it must be doing well enough to now be on 2 more mobile communications network's now.

I will say this once again, Sony has moved their Portable Gaming to be more than just the PSP line of hand held's. Sony's taken to start of expansion of the PSP platform as a whole, to make sure with the new Dynamic of smartphones an Tablets with Smart TV's an top set boxes. Sony is making sure there is a unified Platform for embedded Systems that put's Playstation in more devices than just Sony created own.

The "Playstation suite" is also going to the PS3
The PSVita is now just a single part of that expansion,a rather nice part if i do say so myself.

Even Microsoft has such a platform with their Windows Phone, which is also such a designed platform like the Playstation Suite, the Expansion of the Xbox platform is being expanded to not just a Microsoft Branded Hardware.

Nintendo out of the Three has no such platform, maybe the Wii U will be , which i do in fact hope Nintendo does just that.

At this point many seem very keen on pointing out only Sony will have this uphill battle when it boils down to their talking point that the PSVita is not a Phone, but that's the point about the PSVita it does not need to be since it is not made to be it's main function as a phone, but can be used as one.

Nintendo's Mobile platforms are fantastic, I own a few but the point is there is no skype option across 3g like every other smartphone that which there is infact a 3G option for the PSVita. PSVita has more in common with the very same smartphones an tablets that are infact developing into this handheld game system market.

Smartphone's had already absorbed the dedicated PDA market before it went into this market, when each an every Smartphone has such GPU's capable of running very advanced shader models the very ones that the PC, the XBOX360 AN THE ps3 ALL READY USE.This is not like the Ngage or PSP or the Nintendo DS kinda Market. the Market has grown an expanded an both Microsoft an Sony have designed their Mobile platforms to grow with it. In my opinion Nintendo has not given any indication they are taking the same path to expand the portable Nintendo Game platform to take advantage of the smartphone or Tablet market. That's just the truth.

supremacy2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )


I agreed with you, I am just pointing out the guys flaws.

His argument is pointless and has no barring on how the vita will perform.

I get the xperia play is in more carriers now, but at a reduced price in such a short notice doesnt speak valume. Not saying its a failure, just saying its not on the galaxies, iphone and droids of the market level. And furthermore this was simply to prove a point, vita dont have to be a phone to be a success.

And I know the ps suite is something that I find interesting, however ill hold my judgment until sometime in its lifecycle where its become widely accepted and recognized by the masses.

Its a good idea and I love the concept but again ill reseve my final judment on it.

On another note, Sony I am sure has been looking at the markets like you mentioned. And maybe thats why nintendo's own investors wanted them to make games for other platforms most notably the ios.

Maybe thats the way of the future, a good os and unified platforms.

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