My Top 5 Halo Multiplayer Maps

Matt from Velocity Gamer: I started playing Halo with Halo 2. I didn't have an Xbox so I played Halo 2 at several LAN parties. These were some of the best parties I've ever been too. I had so much fun driving Warthogs wildly, dual-wielding, and blasting fools that sat right next to me.

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Op242457d ago

I miss the days when MP maps were simple. Battlefield has an excuse. But you can make a map look amazing even if its simple. I'm so excited to get to replay some of these maps in Halo Anniversary

da_2pacalypse2457d ago

These are good maps, Halo has always had good maps (Not so much in Halo Reach however). But seriously, how can you leave Hang em High out of this list? lol

Hockeydud192457d ago

That's a good map, but it's just kinda ugly lol. I was surprised our writer left that one out too, but it's understandable. Now anniversaries version looks much much better.

Bob5702457d ago

The writer did say he started with Halo 2. So he probably never played it.

Hockeydud192457d ago

But he did say he went and played Halo on the PC.

da_2pacalypse2457d ago

@Bob570 Hang em high was in halo2 lol, it was called tombstone remember?

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mpettit912457d ago

Same here, man! As you can tell by my top 5, I really like the remakes that Bungie did for some o the older Halo maps. I'm interested to see how those CE remakes come out.

bozebo2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Headlong is my fav.

It's very good for sneaking about behind enemy lines.

A lot of people hate it, I'm not sure why.

ForROME2457d ago

Its all about Last resort

Bob5702457d ago

I have way to many favorite Halo maps. I don't think I could narrow down 5.

Valhalla is definitely one that comes to mind. So many memories on that map with a friend of mine on XBL.

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