Exactly what Nintendo should do next generation

The madman Pdblacknoir shares his thoughts on Nintendo's situation. Videos and a nice image included....

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jacksonmichael2404d ago

Is that Scarlett Johansson? Well, I'm not going to bother asking why that's there.

OT: I think the inclusion of a the Last Story video speaks for itself.

ChickeyCantor2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

"The rumours tell me a 3-core cpu is in order, I dont think that a tri-core setup will be good enough unless their clock speeds are over 3.5ghz. Mirrors edge, possibly due to the pc port being unoptimised, required at least a multicore at 3ghz and thats without physx so they need at least 4 units to stay with the times and not get murdered by Sony and Microsoft’s hibernating beasts."

Just ramping up the hertz will not guarantee better performance... Nor adding extra cores will unless the system as a whole is optimized 1:1.

TruthbeTold2403d ago

Seriously. I don't care as much about power as I do performance and capability. I don't need the Wii U to 'be at least 3 times powerful as the PS3'. If it's 1.5 times the power of a PS3, but is far more optimized, efficient, has superior shading and resolution capability, then I'm good. I don't want it to cook my food, I want it to play awesome games.

All of that being said, my biggest worry/complaint/frustration with the little that I know so far is that it seems we're looking at 1 Wii U controller per console.


I don't want to play only online, or have an advantage or disadvantage when I play at home. Nor do I want to purchase some new form of 'Classic controller'. For once in my past decade of gaming I'd like to buy a Nintendo product that I can be satisfied with out of the box.

I want to spend my money on games. Not B.S. attachments that are created to fill gaps created by poor Nintendo's decision making. I honestly don't think they understand how frustrated gamers like me have become...

stragomccloud2403d ago

You say gaps for Nintendo's poor decision making. I'm pretty sure it's intentional. Don't get me wrong I love Nintendo... but they are are a business that's going to try to make you buy accessories. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Gamecube controller chord was so short when they were also selling the wireless wavebird controller.

mamotte2404d ago

you want ultra realist graphics in Nintendo games?

No, thanks, I'll stick with Wind Waker. It looks prettier than most current games.

Laxman2404d ago

I love Wind Wakers visual style. Its actually my personal favourite Zelda game, maybe besides Ocarina.

pdblacknoir2403d ago

yeah i loved that zeldas graphics too. my main point here is that ninty needs to allow for cuttinig edge graphics to match ps4 or 720s in 5 years in order for nintendo to grab lots of sony and microsofts market. imagine a new zelda with wind wakers style but using more power than 3 ps3s......

it would look beyond anything photorealistic

WooHooAlex2404d ago

First thing they need to do is delay the Wii-U into 2013, get a killer lineup of games, price it reasonably at launch and market it as a do-all machine.

If they do that, I think it should sell pretty well.

ChickeyCantor2404d ago

How will that work for their financial part?

You have the system ready but wait a year?
That will hurt them too much especially if some other company comes up with something similar between 2012 and 2013.

Laxman2404d ago

Much easier said than done. That would be far too a big a financial risk for any smart company to take.

theaceh2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Agree with VIKEME.

Nintendo should wait until 2013. That way it will not appear to be too old when the next box and ps4 comes out. Average customers dont care too much about specs, they care more about novelty and fancy gimmicks.

Waiting a year could not hurt nintendo's pockets too much. They have money to burn thanks to selling 70 million+ will's and still making a profit on each unit since day 1. They should take this extra time to figure out how to add more touchscreen comtrollers to the device and avoid another embarrasing design decision, like that extra analog button adapter for the 3DS.

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