DCUO Going F2P: How A $50 Million Dollar MMO Failed

Less than 10 months after its launch, Sony Online Entertainment's AAA title, Dc Universe Online is going to the Free to Play (F2P) model. How did the once fabled "genre changing" MMO sputter out of the gate and then come to this point? held a roundtable discussion on the issue and it is worth the read.

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DrFUD2313d ago

I care less and am happy I can try it soon.
I guess I wanted it to fail and be a failure all along.
But I also predict theres a ton of people like me and now the game will have tons of players so the only fail is this article.

NYC_Gamer2313d ago

Star wars the old republic will be the most expensive failure

Pandamobile2313d ago

I dunno, it's got a TON of hype and pre-orders going for it. I can't imagine it'll do poorly.

MMOs are insanely profitable. If EA can manage to hold a million subscribers for two years, that'll cover development costs, and then some.

Subscriptions are 100% profit.

evrfighter2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

in the end the downfall of almost any mmo other than wow, everquest, ffxi is content.

Nowadays if your mmo doesn't have as much content as those it's almost doomed to fail. Which is unfortunate considering the successful ones have had years of content updates and adjustments to get things right.

dcu was fun, had everything going for it. but then people started hitting level cap and it's flaws were widely exposed. they were slow with the content updates and people quickly lost interest. Turns out the reason they were slow was because they were developing an expansion pack that contained the content which should have been free.

V0LT2313d ago

I agree. It has a massive amount of hype to live up to.

NYC_Gamer2313d ago

it did fail since it's going f2p so early

SoapShoes2313d ago

NYC_Gamer... Suuuureee.... It was SOE's fastest selling game, even quicker than Everquest. SOE has been testing the f2p model for awhile with Freerealms and due to the success of that they are doing f2p from now on.

Daffid0112312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

Free Realms converted from F2P to Subscription in 7 months. DCU has lasted 9 months before changing to F2P. I'm not sure if success would be a word I use to describe either games initial business model, but it is pretty clear that SOE chose the wrong model to release each game under.

Heartnet2313d ago

I do cuz it crashes every 15 mins still -_-

newleaf2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Logic and common sense. Unless of course you're saying they planned this all along, lose subs at a steady pace and be forced to become f2p. In which case they succeeded beautifully.
Lol @ Estranged, dude you always have some sort of an excuse. You should join SONY's PR team.
If they had success with f2p in the past and had intentions of going that route, why oh why didn't they start of that way to begin with? Come on man, its ok to say the game tanked and now they HAVE TO adopt this new model.

SoapShoes2313d ago

Oh shut it newleaf. You're the one with some sort of failing logic over why Sony this and Sony that. I'm just defending it from a trash article that doesn't know what it's talking about. As if somehow it going f2p means it failed. Here's your proof it did not do poorly.


Here is your proof that SOE has stated that they are going f2p from now on and that they think eventually all will.

So get your facts straight newleaf. Oh I'll bet it stings that another misinformed article trying to call a Sony game a failure is wrong. It's completely wrong, how could it have sputtered out the gate when it did so well at its launch? Now that's not to say it wasn't buggy or any of that.

P_Bomb2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

The game's biggest criticism that cost it points despite many other games with similar issues being forgiven (Batman:Arkham City, pretty much every Fallout) is the pay-to-play subscription schtick. Huge barrier in a huge FTP AAA year.

Now that it's going, more people can see the game for what it is, which is a really good, deep multiplayer comicbook game. DCUO's Gotham City is bigger and has more stories/charachters than critically acclaimed 'Batman:Arkham City', and that's hardly a failure. They still have tiered subs to make $$$ from too. Giving up would be just pulling the plug and letting it rot, like All Points Bulletin.

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Letros2313d ago

SOE has had some hits in the past, although lately they are not on, hopefully Planetside 2 is a huge success.

Snakefist302313d ago

Does anyone know when will the game be free???

antz11042313d ago

They're having a webcast on it this week, and they were saying end of hopefully early next week?

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