BF3 Soldier Customization let's you choose Camo

In the retail build, Battlefield 3 gives you the option to unlock 12 camo variants for your soldier. Great to see this in the Battlefield series finally.

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SJPFTW2340d ago

i like the last camo. being invisisble always helps!

xc7x2340d ago

what weirdo disagreed?

neoandrew2340d ago

The one that see it is a copy paste comment from the source site, quote:

Marcus Dudgeon 23/10/2011 - #2

I want the last one. Being invisible is the best camo ever !

SJPFTW2340d ago

thats me actually. LOL

3GenGames2340d ago

Pretty sweet, not broken like Blackops where the dude in the ghillie has a galail.

SH0CKW4VE2340d ago

Ghillies arent restricted to snipers...

3GenGames2340d ago

WTF are you talking about? Black Ops? I'm talking about BF3! Anyone in Blops can have a ghillie, not the same in BF3 or BFBC in general.

Avernus2340d ago

Spec Ops Black looks bad ass

Ayepecks2340d ago

Title should be modified to "lets" instead of "let's."

Let's is a contraction for "let us."

/Grammar Nazi mode

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