MS shows another amazing Kinect experiment

The contraption in the video below is called the HoloDesk, and uses a projector, a Kinect and a 'beam splitter' to create the illusion that you're manipulating 3D objects below the sheet of clear glass.

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this would be great for card based games, i.e. pokemon, yugioh, etc. you would be able to see the monsters, attacks and everything

Gamefan122343d ago

oh wait .. they did on PS3 a while ago

Eye of Judgement

Karum2343d ago

I love the disagrees, as if Eye of Judgement somehow doesn't exist or doesn't use a camera to tell what you're doing with cards lol.

truewittness2343d ago

i know, i've seen that before. but this is different. you have to look up at a screen to see your monster. in this concept, you are still looking down at your table, at your real hand and at the actual card. as opposed to looking back and forth for a graphic.

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