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NPD Monthly: September 2011 Full Videogame Sales Figures and Analysis

The late arrival of Madden NFL 12 helped to save September from yet another abysmal month in sales. Full exhaustive analysis by John "Black Luigi" Lucas.

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MultiConsoleGamer1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

A healthy month for all players.

tickticktick1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Sony is responsible for the NPD Blackout. Why? because everyone else has no problem sharing their numbers.

lelo2play1734d ago

I wounder why Sony are against of releasing their NPD numbers, but they don't mind sharing their Japanese numbers ?

MultiConsoleGamer1734d ago

Sony is NOT responsible for the NPD blackout. The numbers are still being delivered to NPD clients.

Khordchange1734d ago

THey are over analyzing the numbers for the 3ds and ds. They are migrating to the 3ds, simple as that, combine the numbers, and you get the original ds sales from last year. They are doing fine, chill your beans.

You don't get 2008 DS numbers in your first year, in fact why don't you look up the ds's 2005 september NPD which had only 200k. Thats less than the 3ds.