The Ten Greatest Videogame Theme Songs

"Everyone likes subjective lists that pretend to be definitive, right? Good! Because here’s another one that is completely objective and does not at all betray my preference for certain types of music. Cataloged here, for your auditory pleasure, are the ten greatest video game theme songs of all times. "

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Relientk772343d ago

These are my personal favs:

Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X
Final Fantasy Tactics
Tactics Ogre
The Legend of Zelda franchise, in general

Iroquois_Pliskin2343d ago

Where is mgs2 :0?? If I was president of the united states I would make it the national anthem lol

StraightPath2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

good list but obviously alot of great osts and themes left out you cant possible put 10 of the best out of the dozens of gaming themes...heck the mario theme is missing here too lol

like so many final fantasy themes ( FF6 Terra etc )
to many great Halo tracks etc..too many great themess.

well uncharted 3 is coming soon, anyone heard of

Uncharted 3 Nate 2.0 theme that better be in the main menu been there for 2 games now :P

Myze2343d ago

Completely agree on FFVI. In my opinion, it has the best soundtrack of any Final Fantasy game (Tactics a close 2nd), and considering how great some of them are, I think that makes it the greatest soundtrack possibly ever. (by the way, yes, I think the Terra theme song is the most memorable from FFVI, along with the Locke and Edgar/Figaro one...and...hell, they are all highly memorable, in my opinion)

It's a tough call, as there are so many good soundtracks. Often times, there can be a game with an amazing song, even if the soundtrack isn't as consistent throughout.

Just to name a few really good ones (mostly RPGs):

Xenogears, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Final Fantasy Tactics, Nier (yes, it's probably the best soundtrack released this generation, too bad the gameplay is meh...good story though), Uncharted 2 (highly cinematic, hoping UC3 is just as good or better), etc.

Of course, this list is theme songs, not full soundtracks, so the list is a lot harder to narrow down for me.

consolez_FTW2343d ago

My personal favorite:
MGS3: the snake eater one
the original FF theme.
Legend of Zelda theme
Katamari Damacy

Baka-akaB2343d ago

It's weird to feature Mitsuda's Chrono Cross and not as well the excellent Xenogears scores , but i guess it was a need of variety .

theaceh2343d ago

The song played when Kratos carries his dead brother in Ghost of Sparta.

Sorry for the spoiler, but its the best song ever.

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