Battlefield 3 docs reveal server options, filters, 64p maximum on all modes

DICE has released the first draft of the admin manual for Battlefield 3 PC server owners. Beyond the technical details that don't concern most, it reveals a long list of server filters and options. Some of these you'll be able to toggle in the server browser, while others will be server-side only, so be sure to try out a bunch of servers to find ones that suit your preferences for favouriting when the game launches Tuesday.

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Shadowaste2463d ago

There will be 128 player servers, there may even be 256 player servers if the maps would be condusive to such, pc is not limited.

....sure it may be unranked, but there will be 128 player servers!

outwar60102463d ago

64 is tooooo much i remember mag that shit was overwhelming 24p is the perfect amount

Farsendor12463d ago

you have any ideal how large bf maps are?

outwar60102463d ago

lol oh yh i forgot the beta yh it did feel okay but i dont remember playing any 64 player maps

Farsendor12463d ago

caspian border on pc had 64 players and at times it was hard to find enemy players with 64 players

annus2463d ago

Metro was 32 players on PC and felt fine. Caspian Border was 64 players and I never once had the feeling that there were to many people. If anything, Caspian Border could use more people. I have faith in DICE knowing the right amount of players.