PixelPerfectGaming: PayDay: The Heist - Review

PixelPerfectGaming writes: Welcome to the underworld; a place where your actions can’t be judged on what is right or wrong, but what is necessary to survive. Robbing and killing is the premise, and anyone who happens to get in your way is fair game.

PayDay: The Heist takes you to places no other game has. Not only are you experiencing brutal crime first-hand, but you’re doing it without real consequence.

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MsmackyM2462d ago

The reviewer seems to really like the game.

TooTall192462d ago

It has serious potential. I enjoy the gameplay, but the online has serious problems. I have yet to play a game with someone else, and I'm stuck on the Green Bridge level.

Gunplay is pretty good but there is an input lag when aiming down the sights.

ninjaman9992462d ago

Im already lvl 53 in the game and I can agree with this guy, the game is utterly brilliant. When i host rooms, we have tactic dicsussions before each map because its almost necessary and when a hiest goes down perfectly, its satisfying as fuck :D