Battlefield 3 Review [Trendy Gamers]

TrendyGamers: Battlefield 3 is going to be a big game. That goes without question. We could give this game a 0/10 and it would still sell millions upon millions of copies. Luckily, BF3 is a great game with some of the best graphics you will ever see with some intense action scattered throughout the entire experience.

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Fishy Fingers2315d ago

Ahhhhh.... So thats how it works.

evrfighter2315d ago

9.5 is a good score. but this is clearly for the console version as no one has experienced the pc version yet.

Washington-Capitals2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

I wouldn't trust reviews on BF3 after the memo EA sent out to reviewers got leaked... Here is an excerpt of it.

This is the questionnaire that was emailed to reviewers:

- Did the reviewer personally review BFBC2 or Black Ops?
- What score did he give it?
- What is his past experience with Battlefield?
- Is he a fan of Battlefield?
- Is he a fan of Call of Duty?
- Has he been playing BF Franchise? BFBC2? 1943? BF2?
- Has he expressed enthusiasm or concern for BF3? What are they?
- Did he play the beta? Did he enjoy it / get frustrated with it?
- What is his present view on the game?


Personally, i dont deny BF3 being a great game, this issue isnt related to the game itself, but how corrupt this video game industry is getting.

Kleptic2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

^^you don't trust reviews for BF3 because of that?...

i personally haven't cared about reviews for years...but still find some of them laughable on all levels...and I COMPLETELY agree with what EA has done with BF3...

Lots of things have continually destroyed gaming media credibility...but 2 of them are arguably the biggest problem:

Preconceived opinions and lack of experience with said franchise, or even genre...

these reviewers stomp their feet quite often about how subjective a specific review has to be...but there is absolutely no way to keep any subjective integrity when a site has a different person reviewing each sequel to a given franchise...

When people read a review of a they go to a conglomerate site and make sure and read a different critic's article for every different film?...or especially a sequel?...not likely if they are looking to keep any consistency...You would probably try to read reviews from the same person...

the other part, preconceived another problem that isn't easily addressed either...where some reviews are so blatantly skewed from the minute you start reading them that the person either LOVED or HATED it before he even started playing the title...its the only explanation when these reviewers admit to only playing the title briefly before writing a 4 page essay...

I say good for EA...I hope more companies come up with something to simply make it harder for everyone and their dentist to put up a shit review...we don't need 300 reviews for every single title...any given person needs like 10 tops...

i read Jeff Gerstmann's reviews over at Giantbomb...he is just about the only reviewer whom I usually agree with his opinions...If he likes it, I usually do too...and vice versa...I only stumbled on this after I was constantly playing games he ended up reviewing...and found it pretty hard to disagree with him...problem being, he doesn't review every game...but anyone could probably find a reviewer they tend to agree with...and do the same...and it helps tremendously when you are on the fence about a certain game...

inveni02315d ago

I think those are all fair questions. It sounds more like they're trying to discover what might influence a journalist's opinion of BF3 than that there's anything underhanded going on. For instance, if they get a 7.0 review from a person that is heavily into MW, they might discredit it as much as if they get a 9.0 from someone that has been with the BF franchise since 1942. (Or they could give these more credit, depending in how you want to look at it.)

BinaryMind2315d ago

@Kleptic - Why should a reviewer need to have experience with the Battlefield series? The job of the reviewer is to be in the customers shoes. Of the millions of people who will pick up BF3, I imagine most of them will have no experience with the series. None of them will give a **** what the legacy of BF is and will probably not be in line with most of the reviews soon to land.

MariaHelFutura2315d ago

One of the best comments ever.

HSx92315d ago

The job of a reviewer is to make decisions for confused customers, not be another "customer" that's confused. If they call themselves a true reviewer they would go replay all the battlefields (or at least the important ones).

Leviathan2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

@#1.1.3 (Kleptic)
Well said. I feel the exact same way. That's good advice for everyone.

Ser2315d ago


Seeing that memo makes me worry even LESS about the scores BF3 will receive.

I'd rather a longtime fan of the series review BF3 as opposed to someone who only knows what an FPS is because of CoD.

jeseth2315d ago

Trendy Gamers? LMAO.

Wow, lets all get excited about something from a site that means nothing. A 9.5 from Trend Gamers isn't going to make me forget about teh abortion that was the BF3 "Beta"/Demo.

GroundsKeeperJimbo2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Metacritic has some reviews up (PC)

HardCover2314d ago

Just an FYI:

letters like that have been sent out long before BF3 hit the scene.

hell, gift baskets are VERY common too.

The reason you've never heard about it before is that people actually have to try pointing it out as a negative for BF3 since BF3 is damn fine on its own. This sort of "selective snitching" really plays to some people's heads, as the talk over it shows.

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Septic2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Regardless of what review score this game gets, I will be playing this on Day 1. I played Caspian Border on the beta and I absolutely fell in love with the game.

Trust me, battlefield vets and others are in for a real treat when this is out. All that arduous waiting is soon going to be over. This is a true successor to Battlefield 2 and this is the opinion of a guy who is currently sitting in the toilet heavily constipated.

ethan2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

No no, you're doing it all wrong...You're supposed to sit ON the toilet, not IN the toilet. But finish up soon, Battlefield 3 is almost upon us!!!

Flavor2315d ago

This is one poorly written, ugly article. Looks like it was cranked out by a middle schooler with English as a second language.

It uses stock images of the game, and just generalizes about everything. I doubt this is legit, and if it is, it is just bad.

And no, I'm not raging over the review, since there was no content to rage at.

ThichQuangDuck2315d ago

Really 9.5 is good...But the fact is that I am tired of the way games are currently reviewed because I guarantee most people will look at the score without reading the review. It has become too nitpicky by gamers about .5 differences in scores. Personally I miss the Ign .1 review scale. scores like a 7 is considered a bad game and 1-5 is rarely ever used. But that is a score rant. Congrats on the great score by battlefield and I look forward to READING more reviews

MariaHelFutura2315d ago

So 7/10 (2 over the half mark) means bad?

ThichQuangDuck2315d ago

@ MariaHelFutura that is what I am arguing that people see 7 as bad and 8 as ok and that the lower number games are never mentioned. I am saying that if a game doesn't get a 9 it isn't seen as excellent. I am arguing the review system is essentially 7-10 rather than 1-10

frostypants2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Does anyone actually believe that this review is legit? Sure, I think it will get high scores, but no way in hell does some obscure site like this have its hands on the game yet...

Seriously, that entire review could be BS'd just by having played other BF games, and reading existing descriptions and videos of the game.

I'm looking forward to BF3, but I'm calling this out.

Fake review is fake.

Laxman2315d ago

I agree. The whole "this is from a freelance writter, our staff review will be up at a later date" sorta kills it. Why the hell bother putting up 2 reviews on one site for the same game? Hits, and nothing more I say. They knew people wont care about thier review when big sites start releasing thiers, so they went ahead and posted this one up before anyone else to claim it as the 'first'one. I mean, I dont doubt the game will deserve such a good score when it actually releases, but I put no leverage in this (or any other, for that matter) review.

iceman062315d ago

Well, the game is at local retailers just awaiting a street it is very possible that he does have a copy. Plus, publishers usually send out "review" copies to the labelled "media" in a timely manner for review (1-2 weeks out). It doesn't take much to get "media" credentials these days (see E3 for that). So, it's entirely possible that he reviewed the game.
I have issues with these "freelance" bloggers sometimes as well. (Especially considering the charges of payola running rampant all over the internet.) So, I really only trust those that I have a history with.

da_2pacalypse2315d ago

lol are you saying the reviewer's opinion is fake? I don't really understand what you by "fake review" how can a review be fake? I can go make a review about something I've experienced.... would that be fake?!

Flavor2315d ago

The stock, clipart 'press kit' screenshots are all you need to spot a fake review.

frostypants2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

You're kidding, right? A "fake" review is one written by somebody for something they haven't actually experienced. There's nothing in that entire review that is indicative of him ever actually having played the game. Like I clearly said, that entire review could be written by anyone who has played any other BF game, and has read/seen the previews for BF3. It's full of generic descriptions and lacks any new details that someone who had actually played the game would have.

Let me put it this way: if he DID play it, then it's a horrible, horrible review. So bad, in fact, that it's easier to just accept that they never played it.

Fake review.

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chriski3332315d ago

doesnt count dice said to wait till after day 1 patch

Thatguy-3102315d ago

Need a quick help..planning to purchase one game this week to hold me off for uncharted 3

Battlefield 3 DISAGREE

Not really sure which one should I get

GroundsKeeperJimbo2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

I'm waiting for Bats, its a great game it seems but my gaming plate is so full this year haha. Prob pick it up next summer when I've finally finished Skyrim :]

Xalaris2315d ago

I don't want to read the review until I'm assured it's spoiler-free. Help please?

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Relientk772315d ago

Ok then. For a first score 9.5 is fanastic. I'm eager to see the scores for more reviews for Battlefield 3.

TrendyGamers2315d ago

Probably nothing below 8.5's.

pr0digyZA2315d ago

Ye 8.5 will most likely be one of the lowest (not counting destructoid's or edges 7), I can see reviewers giving faults to the campaign, even though from what I have seen looks brilliant.

TrendyGamers2315d ago

Yeah, the obligatory 7! And from what thereviewer told me, the campaing could get a few faults but nothin too drastic

tickticktick2315d ago

Both BF3 and MW3 won't make it to the 9's, high 8's for both. First reviews of no name sites are always fanboy reviews.

Caleb_1412315d ago

Bit of a s**t review to be honest - the reviewer went into no real detail at all... hell everything he said we already know so I could technically have done a 'review' about the game and posted it up. Maybe this is an actual review, but either way its pretty awful.

frostypants2315d ago

It is fake.

Take it down, N4G...

gijsbrecht2315d ago

"Nothing groundbreaking". I remember some reviews of other games with the same words and then there would be taken off one to one and a half point from the overall score. And are the servers already up, by the way. This guy seems to have played the full mp already.

Dojan1232315d ago

They are up for the reviewers. However, reviewers signed something that they could not release the review until after launch. We will see a flood of reviews at MN launch.