Battlefield 3 Origin Release Times by Country

The times battlefield 3 players will be able to play battlefield 3, by country.

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StayStatic2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I will not be seen for 48 hours , weekend sorted :D

SonyNGP2282d ago

I hate this idea. I hate this idea with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

arjman2282d ago

Bullshit, digital download means theres no excuse for this different release date bullshit.

There should be a universal release date on Origin.

Dojan1232282d ago

I agree. But why have it time dependent as well? EST will need to wait 3 hours for the West Coast to be ready. I will have friends at Midnight launches playing before digital download people.

arjman2282d ago

Agreed, a (time and date) universal release date is needed

Virus2012282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I preloaded my copy on friday and when I clicked on the battlefield 3 icons a release check box come up. I'm mad that I won't be able to play at midnight (I'm from East coast United States), I'll have to wait until 3 am. :(

outwar60102282d ago

remember the days when people bought the disc game on the day and went home and played it

annus2282d ago

I remember when people waited years for games to come out, and yet they can't wait an extra 3 hours for the same game, and have to complain on a forum.

HaMM4R2282d ago

STFU! As a gamer in the UK I have to wait for the 28th and thats the longest wait for anyone!!!!!

bumnut2282d ago

Im in the UK too, but look at it this way.

BF games never work right on release, they have 3 days to sort out the problems before we get it.

outwar60102282d ago

im also from the uk......