New COD MW3 Multiplayer Perks, Killstreaks, Weapons and list of all changes in modern warfare 3

Blog4modernwarfare3: We know you all love Call Of Duty as if it was your son so we will fill you in with all the new changes and improvements to the modern warfare 3 game. buy the game for the best solo campaign mode and Nobody buys and plays any Call of Duty game just for the single player, no matter how riveting the storyline may be and however many epic explosions light up the screen. Sure, gamers might have complained about how Modern Warfare 3 looks like a rehash of its predecessors, but that’s just the single player campaign. Multiplayer is where the money’s at, and it’s shaping up to be a completely different monster.

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psb2125d ago

I've starting to lose interest in the game, with very little new on offer, and Activision still hyping it like there's no tomorrow. I think MW3 will be their wake=up call, in a bad way.

Corepred42125d ago

keeping hoping it'll fail. you know it won't. millions in sales=\= wake up call

Pixel_Enemy2125d ago

If the fans complain (which they wont) that it is more of the same game, maybe they will be forced to make a real new game next time around instead of milking that old engine. I doubt it tho

MRMagoo1232125d ago


Have you ever thought that the "fans" are fans because the game doesn't change much, so why would they complain ??

Gamer-Z2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )


Nobody wants COD to change people just want a legitimate improvement (sounds, graphics, lighting, physics, etc) and that hasn't happen since COD4. Adding extra stuff and renaming perks is not an improvement. COD4 didn't have any of that stuff yet it is still considered the best COD in the series because it was super balanced, the guns actually sounded real and not fake like in Blops, map design was perfect, and even the gun graphics were superior to how they are now. People are getting pissed off because ever since Activision took COD away from OG infinity ward and fired their arses, the series has been going backwards and you can see it the quality just isn't there anymore. Ask yourself this why is it that other devs are able to improve their games from the last (killzone, Battlefield, skyrim, batman) yet the most successful game in history can not?! FYI the reason why Activision doesn't improve COD is because they are to busy counting the all the money they made off their loyal fans.

Chitown712912125d ago

(Before I get started I haven't bought a Call Of Duty since 07 with COD 4, but I have played all the new iterations) . What does everyone want from the COD franchise? Why do they have to make a new engine? What I'm really asking is why do they hold them to some standard that nobody else is held to? Does every game in the industry get an updated engine every time a game releases? My problem with the COD series isn't the engine......its the bullsh*t they do with the OVER priced DLC packs, the non dedicated servers and laggy bullsh*t that exist in the online area, and the fact that their releasing it every year. COD this generation should've only been Modern Warfare. No World At War and Black Ops. Even though they were decent games, not good , not bad. They are fun at times, but they have overdid it, and quite frankly I'm tired of hearing the name Call Of Duty. But they now have broken into mainstream, and they are gonna keep selling , whether real gamers buy them or not.

Sabian1872125d ago

I am so tired of this "heinously overprice" Bullshit.
$3 a map is not overpriced.
For a casual COD player it may be a bit pricey, but for someone who has 25+ days played on MW2 it is not.
I have at least 7 friends who have over 50+ days played and they would say the same.

Halo Reach puts out 3 maps for $10 and I never hear overpriced.
Gears puts out 3 maps for $10, yet do I hear "overpriced" I don't.
10 ÷ 3 = 3.33 = Just Right

$3 a map is what everybody charges. Yet COD is the big bad wolf when they charge $15 for 5 maps.
15 ÷ 5 = 3 = Overpriced

P.S. What the effing hell qualifies a "real" gamer?
I play COD because I like the way it plays and feels.
Now if a person chooses to play the living shit out of Viva Piñata, does that make them less of a gamer?
Get off your high horse and STFU.

Chitown712912124d ago

Gee, I don't believe I said people who play Call of Duty are not real gamers. People I'm referring to are people like my friend (A girl) who just happened started to get into gaming once Black Ops came out. If you would actually look at the point I was making , you would see I'm not biased towards Call of Duty. I actually consider it to be fun at times , especially with my friends over. But there are certain things they have to be fixed. And as far as DLC go, paying $15 for 2 , maybe 3 DLC packs....not bad. But releasing it every 2 months is f*cking ridiculous. If they're gonna do it like that , then just release 2-3 big DLC packs for that price. Thats all I'm saying

Sabian1872124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

Gee, I don't believe I inferred that you said that COD players aren't real gamers.
I was actually saying and "did" say...
"What the effing hell qualifies a real gamer?" In response to your rather snide and uppity comment..."But they now have broken into mainstream, and they are gonna keep selling, whether real gamers buy them or not."
Who are you to quantify what a "Real Gamer" is?
Is it someone who is awesome at chess?
Is it someone who can kill the crap out of some green pigs on Angry Birds?
Is it a person who plays a lot of different games?
Is it someone who plays the crap out of only one game?
Who do you consider a "Real" gamer?

I won't even refer to the rather sexist "(A girl)" addendum that you felt you needed to explain in response what a real gamer is or is not.
So, I now ask you to use up a bubble to expound and explain to us all what a real gamers is?

P.S. Oh, and about the "optional" DLC that they put out. I will tell you a secret… it’s Optional. Meaning you have the “option” to buy it....or the “option” not to buy it. Also I consider 5 maps rather large in comparison to every other game. As I said $3 dollars a map isn’t highway robbery. It is on par with everyone else.
Imagine that...a company giving people the optional ability to play in new areas to extend the enjoyment of the game through purchasing new content. Oh the scandal.

Chitown712912124d ago

What I qualify as real gamer is someone who has plays games on a constant basis. Not someone who casually plays ....... The girl thing was just stating that its unusual to see females game. That is all. Especially a war game. Its just not common. And what was uppity about my comment? I just simply stated my predictions for the future. Whether the hardcore gamer buys Call Of Duty or not, their still gonna keep selling like crazy. Thats simply all I stated. Your taking it way out of context dude.

Septic2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )


Is there any need to be so aggressive? Learn to act right.

"As I said $3 dollars a map isn’t highway robbery. It is on par with everyone else. "

Er no its not. It was the highest content-price add-on and caused quite an uproar when it first came out.

Also, when the pack came out, the map Fuel had the rock glitch for almost a year. That problem was highlighted to IW immediately but they couldn't a s**t about sorting it out. Players were prompting everyone to skip that map for ages because of that. That's fan service for you right there.

"Imagine that...a company giving people the optional ability to play in new areas to extend the enjoyment of the game through purchasing new content. Oh the scandal. "

Eh? New content? What about MW2? You weren't purchasing new content- you were paying to play on maps you paid for already from the original Modern Warfare.

Fanboys like you are the problem. I enjoyed COD MW and MW2's gameplay too but that doesn't mean I'm a complete sucker that will take it up the backside from companies that excessively charge me for content.

Chitown712912124d ago

Thanks dude. Enjoy the bubble . :-)

Kleptic2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

i've played every single CoD game at one point or another...played the hell out of the cod 1 on PC back in 2003 or whatever it was around christmas...Max payne 2 and Cod were awesome at the time, and I wasn't tired of WWII yet...

by CoD 3...I was completely sick of it...2 was great on 360, as there was nothing else to play at that time really...but by 3 it needed a big change to keep me interested...

and that it did...20+ days on CoD 4 on PS3, all the multiple account BS I did to keep prestiging, and using friends accounts in hardcore modes to keep other friends on their toes (no idea why I was doing any of this by the way)...

World at thanks, back to Cod 4 almost instantly...didn't want to go back to WWII before, sure as hell didn't want to after Modern Warfare...

then when MW2 started ramping up its ad campaign...something had happened...I simply couldn't have fun playing it was simply too much cod...

and I haven't put more than 5 hours into any CoD since...because nothing has changed like it did with CoD 4...

My point is only that a lot of us at one point DID love COD...whats surprising is that there are so many that for some reason haven't gotten tired of it...not ONE of my friends on the PSN, whom I spent countless nights playing CoD 4 with, ever have a CoD game running on their machines anymore...we've just moved on I guess...

thats not to say they are wise, its definitely working...and there is the whole side of it where not everyone has been playing CoD since the beginning, or even cod i understand where they wouldn't be tired yet...

to each their own...

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Cosmit2124d ago

Seeing that your not fan, you have no saying.

AntBoogy902124d ago

I gotta disagree..

I've HATED the Call of Duty franchise after Cod4.. it just went to shit.

But Modern Warfare 3 is shaping up to be pretty good.. because i'm happy to hear about the dedicated servers. The only problems i've had with the games were lag issues, technical issues (such as the bad programming on the PS3 version of Black Ops), and cheap exploits.

I myself am a hater for Cod.. but i can agree that this one might actually be fine compared to the others. Especially compared to Black Ops.. and the horrible framerate issues on the PS3 version. Even if you're not lagging.. if your framerate drops, it's essentially the same thing.. because the guy that killed you could be 2 or 3 frames ahead of you.

Let's just hope Sledgehammer knows what they're doing.. as well as the co-developers from Infinity Ward.

3GenGames2124d ago

Anybody who doesn't agree isn't a fan but a fanboy. There's a big difference.

AntBoogy902123d ago

Do i sound like i'm being a fanboy? Lol. If you're going to be irrelevant, just don't post at all.

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DrRichtofen2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

"Stalker – You derp along much less when aiming" ...I don't understand what that means.

Btw- those new private match modes sound AWESOME, to bad they're not ranked. Infected mode sounds alot like Virus mode from Timesplitters. I spent soo many hours playing that with friends, it was hell of alot of fun

webbsod2125d ago

yea the new modes alone are freaking awesome lots of new online game types/modes too. confirmed kill is really neat.

bwazy2125d ago

I'm going to assume its less "gun sway" while aiming/walking while ADS.

da_2pacalypse2125d ago

I personally thought that everybody on cod "derped"... while they "herped"... lolol

Pro_TactX2125d ago

Stalker lets you move faster while ADS. The pro version delays enemy claymores.

DrRichtofen2125d ago

Oh that makes sense, thanks! The derped along much less part is what confused me lol

trenso12125d ago

I think they added those new modes cause they were popular when mw2 was getting hacked like crazy the infection mode sounds like the zombie lobbies

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SOD_Delta2125d ago

Looks good to me. 16 maps to start...awesome. I've been getting tried of the usual 8-9 maps that most games start with. Plus DLC, I see MW3 having at least 30 maps which is awesome.

webbsod2125d ago

lots of new game modes lots of new changes lots of map lots of new weapons kill/point streaks ..count me in.. COD fans will NOT be disappointed.

vortis2125d ago

Wow, so they added stuff already available FOR FREE in AVA and Combat Arms?

Yeah except you have to pay $60 for it? Eh, no thanks.

I'm sure fans who have never played another FPS out there (or any recent FPS games, free-to-play games, Battlefield games or Operation Flashpoint games) will probably really enjoy MW3, though.

webbsod2125d ago

i have played combat arms and flashpoint for over 30days and paid games have many advantages over free games while free games only really have 1 thing they do not , the price tag.

EA has released battlefield free 2 play and they are making more money off each person on a yearly basics then they would off selling just the game. free to play is awesome but i personally think the games are well worth the cost and i think we get more that way.

NuclearDuke2124d ago

I played Battlefield and enjoy Modern Warfare alot more.