No ‘Annoying’ Boss Fights in Uncharted 3

In Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, some players complained on the bosses being… well, frankly, annoying. However, there won’t be any such boss fights in the game’s successor, if a PR who’s already played the PlayStation 3 exclusive is to be believed.

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GamingForever2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

If there was one thing I hated about UC2, it was the final boss fight, disagree all you want, but that seemed outright annoying. Glad, it isn't the case this time around.

Dante1122464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

In ND we trust, but I didn't find the boss fights annoying in UC2 (Helicopter chase/fight, Laz armored henchmen, Yeti creature). I kinda enjoyed them.

Edit: Yeah, the last boss fight was just "ok" to me. Needed a little more to it imo.

killcycle2464d ago

I loved the last boss fight and when he got angry towards his death and started running real quick i was like "Holy SH!T" that got my adrenaline running.

vickers5002464d ago

The last boss on Uncharted 2 crushing mode filled me with such rage and hatred. That shotgun he had also could have served as a freaking sniper rifle. Maybe he stole one of the model 1887s from MW2...

ABizzel12464d ago

I think it depends. Things like the Tank and helicopter from Uncharted 2 were fine. Even the Navaro fight from Uncharted 1 was fine.

The last boss of Uncharted 2 was kind of cheap, I see what they were trying to do, but it needed to be a tad more interesting IMO.

Relientk772464d ago

I thought it was annoying and then just plan easy cuz I remember just shooting the blue sacks or w/e and they would explode on him. Then u would run around to a different tree waiting for him and do it again. It was repetitive.

-Alpha2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

All the boss fights were circle around and hipfire, circle around and hipfire, circle around and hipfire. With the exception of the chopper and that mini boss on the train sequence.

Boss fights were disappointing and the final boss just wasn't an interesting villain. I'm hoping there is some more diversity this time

MaxXAttaxX2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

I liked Lazarevic's character. Easily quotable at times.
But the final boss fight itself I didn't like that much either.

Other than that, I didn't find the rest of them to be disappointing. Mainly because I considered(guardians) to be nothing more than mini-boss-like moments because they blended in so seamlessly with the rest of the game, subsequently not expecting anything more... special.

SAE2464d ago

it was easy , i didn't have any problem with him even on crushing....

NukaCola2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

I dont why you got disagrees. He was cake on any mode, all you had to do was stand infront of him and shoot a sap bag, let it reform and repeat. He doesnt kill you with punches, just the grenades, which he wouldnt throw if your right on him.

The fight was good, but not great. The story was amazing at the end though and the ending of the game just played out so damn cool. Plus the final cutscene ended on such a

Can't wait to see if clowns will be in crushing co-op. Maybe a dream sequence mode or something like that, or just them scary clowns will come and get me. They're eating her, then they are going to eat me.. OOOHHHH MYYYY GOOOODDDD!!!!

SAE2464d ago

lol , me too , i bet naughty dog will do something like that...

now i understand why people hated mgs , because the bosses were hard , it needs a little thinking , i guess people just want to enjoy beating easy bosses or enemys...

well , uncharted do all of them :) , not only the graphics and the story are great , the gameplay now is improved , the MP is amaizng , it's really fun but im still mad because they changed the sprint and aiming from the beta..

DaTruth2464d ago

I found a few times he blew himself up with his own grenades! He'd run in after shooting the grenades and blow up a blue thing while he's standing there!

taijutsu3632464d ago

Lol like Nuka said dont understand whats with all the disagrees! I had NO problem fightin him on crushing and did not find him difficult i didnt even feel angry when he killed me, took me a few tries and done!

Dont understand why people found it hard!

badz1492464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

I was able to beat him without getting hit on normal! even on Crushing he's easy if you've played the game once before! outrun him and wait for him to arrive at 2 points where there are that blue pods! rinse and repeat. Navaro in the 1st game is a total b1tch though!

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JsonHenry2464d ago

I don't remember the final boss in UC2. I do remember the Yeti's though.

BinaryMind2464d ago

The guy could be right, but it's PR's job to sell the game. He might as well say UC3 is the best game ever. His word has no value.

nycredude2464d ago

So because because he works for PR, even IF what he said is true, it's NOT true, because he works for PR?

I know he is paid to say things, and he wouldn't say bad things, but if it's true then it's true no matter who says it.

colonel1792464d ago


I hated more the blue guys who took forever to die and moved very fast. That was cheap on ND's part.

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Knushwood Butt2464d ago

I didn't have a problem with any of the boss fights other than the final one, which was kind of tedious.

younglj012464d ago

LOL tha final boss battle was lovely for me...Once you reach him pause and active your rpg-7 and let tha missiles fly.I had a blast taking my angry out on that little bitch...

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Dante1122464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Edit: AHHH, double post with only two bubbles *shakes fist at N4G*

psb2464d ago

this is the case, I don't think Uncharted 3 needs any "typical" boss fights, doesn't suit the game imho. The last one in UC2 made little sense.

Canary2464d ago

Uncharted is one part generic shooter, two parts terrain-based platformer. Boss fights need to utilize the terrain and platforming elements of the game.

Arnon2464d ago

Completely agree. The boss fight in UC2 in my eyes, was quite generic. It would be amazing to have a boss fight that utilized the terrain. Having the boss climb around, shoot from cover, blow objects up, etc. would be great.

Relientk772464d ago

I wasn't a fan of the final boss for Uncharted 1 because u had to kill all his guards first, which was actually decently hard. Then fighting him, himself was easy u meleed him 2 or 3 times and then that was it, and went to a cut scene.

For Uncharted 2 wasn't a fan of the final boss battle for that one either, I explained it in #1.2 ^ above if u wanna read what I said about it.