Battlefield and Call of Duty: A Detailed Analysis of Both Franchises Pt. 2

The beauty of having both Battlefield and Call of Duty, is that we — the fans get to choose.

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WorldGamer2282d ago

So basically both games will appeal to their respective audiences.
Interesting the talk about the gaming engines tho. Wonder if it will affect the arguments of some people.
Can't wait for Tue.

Whore_Mouth2282d ago

I enjoyed the first part of this article too.
I hope the third is out soon.

Criminal2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

We're so happy that you enjoyed the series. Unfortunately, this was the last part, but I'm going to let the writer know that the series was well-liked, so he might expand it. :D

Whore_Mouth2282d ago

Bummer. The article was well written and to the point. Even though we were warned about the author's "Fanboyism" it did not reflect heavily in his writting.

I myself am a Call of Duty fan (though not a fan of the publisher, or their agenda), and find it hard not to be one sided.

psb2282d ago

nice read, BF3 is a much better game than MW3, and I'm calling it, this will result in some loss of sales for Activision.

Whore_Mouth2282d ago

Though I may be inclined to agree with your statement.
I don't see MW3's sales sliding too much on consoles.
Especially the 360. Due in part of Dice's marketing for the PS3.

If anyone can ruin MW3's sales it would be Activision itself.

MGRogue20172282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I choose both MW3 & BF3. :P

Mister_V2282d ago

This sounds like it could become a new slogan or something! Haha.

SITH2282d ago

Pretty good series of articles. I have been guilty of claiming infinity ward has done little to improve their engine. I stick to my argument that vehicle based combat is better than primarily run n gun gameplay though but to each his own.

Mister_V2282d ago

Glad you enjoyed man! I definitely had a good time reading it as well.