Saints Row: The Third leaked

Saints Row: The Third Clone-DVD is leaked before one month of its release!

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raytraceme2463d ago

No crack = useless

same deal with bf3 no crack = useless.

MitchellK2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Oh Cool, now people can install it on there HDD and take up a bunch of free space for no reason just to have the logo on there desktop, how useful, im going to download this right away.

If you like the series just BUY the game when it is released.

VonAlbrecht2463d ago

Why would you bother preloading a game before it's out? Maybe so you don't have to deal with the hassle of slow servers and clogged intertube arteries when it's actually released?

Just out of curiosity, do you guys ever just... think about this stuff before you pick it apart?

MitchellK2462d ago

I was just taking a shot at the people because first of all you shouldnt pirate games. Second of all these pirates are so bad they post and download the game weeks before its released, they are killing pc gaming.

VonAlbrecht2462d ago

Just because you thought you'd high-road a bunch of people doesn't make your statement any less ridiculous.

KozmoOchez2462d ago

it's still stupid to do it a month ahead of time, especially since you can't do anything with it

The_Kills2463d ago

Glad games get leaked, stupid buffoon developers always talking in late interviews about how they're finishing up a game, when the damn thing is basically done a month or 2 before release.

RioKing2462d ago

You sound like an ass.

Scizz2462d ago

it is sad big games like this are being leaked way before release.....

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