Forza Motorsport 4 Worthy of Console Racing Sim Crown? (Review) -

"Anthony thinks it is safe to say that Gran Turismo 5 and Forza Motorsport 3 are about equal. While GT5 offers the perfect driving experience, plenty of racing variety, and 200 immaculately detailed cars, Forza 3 has far superior car customization, a balanced car list, better multiplayer features, and an overall better package. Both of these console driving simulator franchises strive to model cars down to the finest detail. Both aim to give the most authentic racing experience possible. Well now is Forza Motorsport 4’s chance to be better than Gran Turismo."

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MaximusPrime2337d ago

" It is a remarkable improvement given only two years, and great enough for Forza Motorsport 4 to claim the console racing sim crown, for now"

lochdoun2337d ago

Yeah that's right, until Forza 5 comes out!

MaximusPrime2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

i knew people would disagree with me. have you tried reading the review?

i added that quote because i agree with it. Key word = "for now"

perfectly described

StraightPath2337d ago

Forza - 92% Metacritic
Forza 2 - 90% Metacritic
Forza 3 - 92% Metacritic
Forza 4 - 91% Metacritic

constant quality. Wonder what Forza 5 will deliver :D

Dante1122337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

That's weird the racing gamer community doesn't agree with the reviewers so far if you count sales as votes with money. F4 sold 500,000 **WW** in a week, GT5 sold 500,000 in **America** alone as well as 5.5 million WW in 12 days....

But that doesn't matter, if reviewers say it's the king, then it's the king.

FordGTGuy2337d ago

VGChartz is not a real sales website they guess the sales.........


Even if GT5 beat Forza 4 in sales are you saying that Justin Bieber is now the best singer in the world?

death2smoochie2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )



I also have seen this when GT5 is brought up also this generation.
When Forza is brought up, you hear especially on this site:

"GT5 sold this amount of millions in one week while Forza only sold this amount in one month...GT5 is better...etc"

Dante1122337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

@ death


Since the beginning of this gen. That's why we still to this day see "360 is better than the PS3" whenever hardware sales numbers comes up (completely ignoring the Wii) and "Gears is better than UC" whenever scores are compared.

@ Ford

VGchartz? That 5.5 million statement was officially released by Sony, VGchartz actually had them at 3.5 million at the time.

JellyJelly2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

@death2smoochie - When you compare Forza and Gran Turismo. Not if you compare say Gears of War 3 and Resistance 3.

Also, from now on go-karting and weather conditions are the most essential things to any driving simulator since that's the only thing GT5 has got going for it. I'm sure they could spin the low-res standard cars into a pro as well if they tried hard enough. :)

tickticktick2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Strange how every time NPD comes out PS3 fanboys scream "sales don't equal quality" then turn around and use the sales card with GT5. They did the same thing when Gears 3 came out. So it's only "teh sales" when that one rare PS3 game sales better than a 360 game. So by their own hypocrite logic 95% of all games are better quality on the 360 because they all sell better.

That or they say "it's not a sim" to help with the fact that Forza is simply a better game. Most of the same people who reviewed GT5 also reviewed Forza and all say Forza is better. Even then they say "MS paid them" all for the reviews" it's always excuses.

Look at the Golden Joystiq awards. GT5/PS3 fanboys voted multiple times for GT5 even though it was the lowest rated racing game on the list.

Hypocrite much?

Tr10wn2337d ago

Thats funny i bet you are a sony fanboy, i remember those times when halo sold 8 or 9 millions and every sony fanboy was saying "sales doesnt mean nothing" anyways like i said to everyone in this site, GT5 was a mediocre installment for one of the best racing series out there, i played ever GT including GT5 and thats the most disappointing GT ever, sold it 2 weeks later after buying a GTR32 that looks like a PS2 game, now think how many of those 5.5 millions did the same as i? i keep my PS3 after MGS4 only for this game, i played other sony exclusive but GT5 was the one i was waiting for after that i sold my PS3 had no real use to it.

bennyace2337d ago


So true! hahahaha
Maybe GT6 will have lawn mower races and it will be the new sim requirment! We never know! ;)

The Iron Sheik2337d ago

Live by the sales die by the sales 360 fanboys. According to YOUR logic GT5 is the superior game. If you dispute this then sales don't equal quality and all your arguments are null and void. I love seeing your hypocrisy exposed like this.

Bigpappy2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Dante flipped the script and PS3 guy stays quite.

Now sale determine which game is king, even thought they are on diferrent consoles. welcome to N4G

2337d ago
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Ryo-Hazuki2337d ago

IMO if you're going to be crowned the sim king don't you have to be the best in driving physics? I think GT5's driving physics are better

dark-hollow2337d ago

And what's sit forza apart is it doesn't have half assed parts of but only constant high quality overall.

for an example, a good shooter is not about getting the shooting mechanics right only.

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SH0CKW4VE2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Its not even a full simulation and niether is GT5 for that matter.

@below, true, goes for 90% of "sims" out there

GoldenPheasant2337d ago

well people think that if you keep shoehorning the word "sim" or "simulator" or "simulation" into anything Forza related, it'll be true...

Tr10wn2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

That'll be the same with GT no? The Real Driving Simulator?

Megaton2337d ago

Too arcadey for any kind of "sim crown". It's one of the things that actually makes me like it more than GT5. I'm strictly an arcade racing kinda guy.

FordGTGuy2337d ago

Is that a joke?

Turn off all assists and put it on simulation steering......

Animal Mutha 762337d ago

And drive in car view only with kinect head tracking on.

Arcadey my arse. Forza is the full beans double expresso physics and tyre grip simulation. I'm addicted to the muscle cars they sound the bollocks.

DragonKnight2337d ago

"Forza 3 has far superior car customization, a balanced car list, better multiplayer features, and an overall better package."

Stopped reading there.

nix2337d ago

Yup... it definitely wins the "sim crown" for the console... in places where the sun never sets or where it never rains.

FordGTGuy2337d ago

Yeah! Except for the fact that GT5 only has night and rain on only a few tracks...

GoldenPheasant2337d ago

don't forget vehicular soccer. teh simulatorz! of kingz.

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