BF3 - BF1943 Not Included in PS3 version, Highest Rank Revealed, and more

DICE has recently clarified what exactly the deal is with Battlefield 1943′s inclusion in the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 as well as revealed some new information about ranks, private matches, and the day-one patch.

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-Mezzo-2460d ago

So it means we can't download the Free Pre-Order Map Pack right away.

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gedapeleda2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

I think "added on a later date"= won't be added

BattleAxe2460d ago

Wow, thats really sad that EA has back tracked on the free BF1943 download for PS3 users. EA has failed in every possible way concerning BF3.

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a_bro2460d ago

BF1943 is $10 on the PS store i think, just sayin...

badz1492459d ago

PS3 gamers were promised to get 1943 with every purchase of BF3 and it was announced ON STAGE during the freakin E3!

so what if the game is old and now it's $10 on PSN? last time I check FREE<<<<$10! this is about EA not giving what they've promised!

UltimateIdiot9112459d ago

The free BF1943 almost sway me into getting it for the PS3 but ultimately I decided to go with PC.

I could see how it may have sway some into getting the PS3 version which by now most of the better deals are gone. This can be frustrating for those who picked PS3 over PC/360 using BF1943 as a tie breaker.

Also, EA announced BF1943 with the PS3 version to back out so late/so close to release, that's a slap in the face.

PotatoClock2459d ago


More likely they announced it for the PRE-ORDER of BF3 on PS3.

Why would they give a free copy of a game for people who wait until BF3 is on sale?
How is that fair to those who pre-order with the full price?

Think about things before blowing your top, seriously.

badz1492459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

read these;

need more? there were no mention of pre-order as it was announced to be on the same bluray disc of every single copy of BF3 on PS3!

this is nothing new for EA! they did it with Dead Space 2 + free DS Extraction and MoH + free MoH Frontlines!

I didn't blow up my top or anything. It happens that I'm already aware of this because I watched E3 LIVE!

Google is there to help you find about things you don't know, my friend.

da_2pacalypse2459d ago

Cry about it... seriously, you're going to play BF 1943 instead of BF3? -_-

DirtyLary2459d ago

Like people are going to play BF1943 over BF3 if they had the choice.

BlackTar1872459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

its amazing how many of you r below battleaxe don't understand the concept . So what if BF3 is the better game and new. So that means he will never want to play 1943? giving it away for free and then not is not a shotty business move. Te people below who are saying battleaxe is somehow wrong in what he is saying need to get a job and pay for stuff yourself.

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newleaf2460d ago

So they finally realised that it doesn't make good business sense to reward one group and exclude the group that buys their product the most (pc not included)
It wasn't making alot of sense to me to give exclusivity to ps3 gamers when the game is going to be supported more by 360 owners anyway. If the game wasn't available for download then you could argue that blu-ray means more space for content but in this case it wouldn't matter.

TheGameFoxJTV2460d ago

BC2 was played way more on PS3 than 360 dude.

DeFFeR2460d ago

@TheGameFoxJTV no way in HELL dude...

adorie2459d ago

i feel that the 360 version will sell less due to CoD. CoD is marketed as a 360 exclusive, even though we know it is not.

andibandit2459d ago


And im Santa Clause

Legion2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )


Maybe singe player seeing that multiplayer was stacked for Xbox 360. (ha... but I doubt that too.)

As for sales... Xbox 360 sold way more then PS3 on this title. Xbox 360 3.08 Million vs PS3 2.41 Million.

Unless you have some PLAY stats that we aren't privy too?

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JaredH2460d ago

This just shows that EA is the monster that everyone thought it was all those years ago...

trancefreak2460d ago

I think they Ea and Activision both have their own little dirty scheme scamming ways.

Look at crysis 2 MP for example. They had to get those map packs out before they would release that dxll upgrade and people spent I think 15 bucks for each dlc MP map packs. That game is dead from ll the hackers.

Then they can;t even fix the game or provide the support and the mplayer was ruined. Crysis 2 could of done a lot better. The single player turned out I mean not perfect but it should've been that game from launch - the multiplayer hackfest.

I don't know how much crytek is to blame but when you can't keep supporting the community and your game, and then to go fourth with suking money on dlc first sets a bad example of how the fan base will get pissed off and not fall for the same thing twice. Its obvious whose business model that is and its a shame that crytek has known issues and they won't fix them.

I don't think DICE will play exactly that way but they are governed by their same master publisher EA. I am sure Dice will have much more community support with battlefield 3 because BF3 should be around for along time if history repeats its self in regards to BF2. But then again you have Ea running the ship and they want to take as much upfront while the game is still hot.

Personally for me crytek burned themselves and they will not receive my hard earned money again. And with Dice/Ea I hope it is much different scenario than crytek and Ea.

I am just excited to get my copy this week and MW3 well we all know thats like a serving of apple pie for the holidays every year. Its going to sell no matter what.

trancefreak2460d ago

Do you guys think BF3 will still be going strong enough in a few years for a re release on the new consoles?

I am sure that all these next gen engines are ready for theses type of ports. Thats why they state next gen and next gen ready from what I hear from these devs.

Be kinda cool to cross platform between xbox 360 and 720 if live is integrated that way along with PSN on their own networks.

Mister_V2460d ago

Man, with games like Battlefield 3 coming out in just a couple days. I'm not even thinking about the next gen consoles. I know we're way behind PCs but the gameplay is still there and is still strong.

boommuffin2459d ago

they said they plan to release it on WiiU with all the PC features

trancefreak2459d ago

good point mister v I should of thought of that and of course new games by then anyways.

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-Alpha2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Well, not a big deal but silly that it was promised.

I don't know why people would play that over BF3 anyway, IMO a better deal would have been to get timed DLC though that wouldn't sit well with PC fans

Disccordia2460d ago

Ps3 has one week exclusive dlc I read

Kleptic2460d ago

yeah last i heard 'all DLC' will release for PS3 first...but never saw if that was console specific, or for all 3 platforms...

last I read it was Sony putting up money to combat MS's deals with Activision...and was later confirmed to only be for one week pretty much pointless...

trenso12460d ago

If 1943 isn't in there then fuck you DICE! bf3 will be awesome and I didn't buy 1943 because I thought I was getting it with bf3 so it wouldn't have made sense and now I'm just learning it might not come!? Don't even have the money to buy 1943 now just missed out on a great game because they don't stay true to their word

jdfoster2460d ago

It will be there! Just not on the limited edition versions.

trenso12460d ago

Well thats bs cause that's what I'm getting like who isn't getting that if they are getting day one?

torchic2460d ago

yeah I personally am disappointed. I even played the demo like a month ago getting ready for my free copy of 1943. I hope we eventually get it though...

HSx92460d ago

dont got the money to buy BF1943, but you got the money to buy BF3, nice.

trenso12460d ago

You obviously can't read since I clearly stated I had the money to buy it and didn't since I thought it was getting it with bf3 and put off on buy it. And now I don't have the money to buy it at the moment learn to read.

radphil2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )


So you'll never get money ever again? Cause you're making it sound like that as you only had a set amount, and spent it on other things, so now you can never get the game.

The funny thing though, is that people around places like GFAQs knew this in advance, along side of Joystiq. So if you only get your news from this site....i can understand.

What gets me, is those now "canceling" the game, because they didn't get BF1943.

What happened to buying a game on it's own merits?

(FYI no i'm not saying this is acceptable, but some people are knee-jerk reacting to this)

Ghoul2460d ago

"The Limited Edition will not come with BF1943, but with the Back to Karkand expansion"

there you get it just later

jetlian2459d ago

pre orders get karkland while later new copies get bf1943

DeFFeR2460d ago

Yes, because I can't wait to NOT play BF3 (after spending money on it) and play an older game that is free...

I make a TON of sense!

Lyr1c2460d ago

"Anything that doesn't matter to me, shouldn't matter to anyone else either."

That's pretty much what you said.

jetlian2459d ago

he saying why play the older free game vs the one he paid 60 bucks for

vickers5002459d ago


Yes, because there is absolutely no way in hell that a person can play and enjoy BOTH games. /s

Jesus some of you kids are freaking morons.

jetlian2459d ago

id be more interested in what l paid for than something thats free. And l never said you couldn't like both

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Elite-uk2459d ago

LoL, really....even though u had like 2 years to buy it on the store.... i rofl!.

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AngelicIceDiamond2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

But Sony made the announcement at E3 that BattleField 1943 will be packaged in? I wonder what happen? Is that not part of the deal with Sony anymore?

Criminal2460d ago

My guess would be that deal was replaced by the PS3 1 week DLC head start.

AngelicIceDiamond2460d ago

Makes sense, I guess it really affects the people who wanted a free copy of BF 1943, Getting DLC a week ahead is good I think a free game could be better.

blumatt2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Well dang. I was hoping to get 1943 with BF3. They really shouldn't tell us stuff at E3 and then not deliver on it. But then again, I guess people nowadays are obsessed with paying for dlc for games that could've been on the disc in the first place. DLC is a scam, it really is. I understand if DLC comes out 5-6 months later, cause that means they had to actually make more content to sell to us, but to have dlc literally days or weeks after the release, is just ludicrous. It's clear, then, that they just left it out of the game to sell to us later.

Plus, I had told several people on here and elsewhere about the inclusion of BF1943 with the PS3 version of BF3. Oh well, I guess DICE just caused me to lie. lol I'm not happy with this news at all.

Feel free to include a reason as to what you disagreed with. lol I think all disagree votes should require an explanation on this site.

hassi942460d ago

Which people really shouldn't be happy with. The DLC isn't going to come out earlier, just other people are going to have to wait longer. How is that a bonus in any way for anyone who isn't a shallow loser?

Like AngelicIceDiamond you're being way too kind. Getting DLC a week ahead isn't good - it doesn't benefit you in any way, just disturbs others, and 'a free game could be better'? 'Could'? I think it is certain that a free game is better than essentially nothing.

-Alpha2460d ago

Maybe BF43 still sells well.

Tintin2460d ago

They said the campaign was 15-20 hours long, now it's 8. They said we would get BF1943, yeah well f*** you you're not getting that either.

They have spent the last 12 months trolling MW3 and telling bull**** lies, and this is why I'm not buying their game. EA/Dice are disgusting. Simple as that.

Criminal2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Well, SP doesn't really matter. Battlefield proper (not BCs) has always been an MP series, and the campaign even if it's short, looks really good. You can still play it on a higher difficulty to make it longer.

I'm with you with 1943, it was announced and they should have honored that. PS3 got 1 week DLC early though, but 1943 has Air Superiority (a lot of fun).

@Jobesy, I guess you're right, SP is important to make the value proposition more appealing.

Jobesy2460d ago

Sp matters very much. EA/DICE want to break into the console market and take a bite out of the COD phenomenon AND charge $59.99 usd for a game they had better include a sp campaign.

kcuthbertson2460d ago

I hate when people say SP doesn't matter. I love single player. A lot of people call me crazy because I loved Black Ops' single player...I thought it was sweet. Sure the story sucked but it was action packed and intense.

I have more fun with SP in a lot of games vs. MP. And while I understand that BF3 has very good MP (I loved the Beta), but does that mean they should just make a shitty SP?

No, no it doesn't.

Criminal2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

I guess I have to explain why I don't care for the SP too much.

I generally, play FPS' for MP, and TPS' for SP. There are exceptions, though. BF3's SP looks really fun. It reminds of "The Unit", one of my favorite TV shows, so I'm going to play it for sure.

My statement was purely my opinion, so I'm sorry if I offended anyone.


frostypants2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Criminal is right. Battlefield has always been about multiplayer first. The whole single player thing really was introduced in the Bad Company series, but BF3 isn't a sequel to Bad Company 2, it's a sequel to Battlefield 2. Battlefield 2 didn't even HAVE a single player mode, and was a full price ($50) PC game. Same goes with BF1942 and BF Vietnam. Single player is icing on the cake.

Single player is not an important part of the main Battlefield series, outside of the spin-off Bad Company series. This isn't just my opinion, it's how it has always been. I'm glad they added one to this game, but it's not what I buy a BF game for...

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Adrieono2460d ago

Nobody cares. Everyone else will still enjoy the game. Plus that's one less cry baby we have to experience online. Good riddance.

Mister_V2460d ago

Personally, In an FPS like Battlefield or even CoD, I'd much rather have a 8 hour, action-packed campaign with a simple but tight story, than to have 20 hours of check-point to check-point gameplay. Then again, games like Crysis and Crysis 2 did a great and lengthy job with their SP campaigns that I think some other FPSs should look up to.