DICE on Xbox 360′s 9GB DVD Format, More Battlefield 3 Details

The Xbox 360′s DVD format is restricted to just 9GB, thus resulting in the game shipping on two disks for the console.

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doctorstrange2312d ago

It'll be interesting to see what format everyone adopts. I hope Sony and MS go for a similar size one, so multiplats will fully utilize the space.

matgrowcott2312d ago

That's why it's so nice to see multi-disk releases on the 360. At least you know it's unlikely that anything has been trimmed to fit it into the 9GB.

r1sh122312d ago

@matgrowcott...Agree, I think some people make too much of a multi disc game. They took the best route by have SP on one disc and MP on another disc with an optional HD pack. Im sure many devs will follow suit, at least DICE took the time to do this. I wonder if MW3 is on 2 discs?
As long as a 360 user has a respectable hard drive (60Gb +) they should be fine with a couple of games installed.

SkylineR2311d ago

Don't forget that the PC version also comes on DVD, not just the 360 version.

gamingdroid2311d ago

Well if you really want that "texture pack", it's actually only 1.5GB. Any modern USB keychain drive will work with your Xbox 360 and you can install it.

Fact is, if you didn't pay for the hard drive then why would you expect that feature?

So I think it is a good happy medium that provides option for whatever option you choose.

Solidus187-SCMilk2312d ago

Im sure MS will use blu ray. it would have been if 360 had it come out later I think.

Im sure MS want to have the standard HD movie format in their console. Back in 2005 it was not the standard and was expensive, now its standard and cheap.

bumnut2312d ago

Disagreed by mistake. sorry

gamingdroid2311d ago

I think they will use a proprietary format to make it harder to pirate.

MS can still offer the option to view Blu-Ray movies as an addition, but I think MS strategy is to go all digital download/streaming instead. That movement has already started and in 2-3 years time, we might see a decline in physical media.

Legion2311d ago

I am not confident that they will go the Bluray route, they could have another medium up their sleeves that would have a better read speed.

Solidus187-SCMilk2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

legion, thats one of the reasons why they will go with bluray. The read speed of the PS3 bluray is slow because it is a 2x bluray drive. back in 2006, thts all they had.

By now they could get a faster reading blu-ray drive for cheap. Im sure the ps4 and next xbox will have likea 4x or 6x blu ray drive.

At least faster than the Ps3's early 2x blu ray drive.

MS will not go all digital, they know that about half of their 360s are not even connected to the internet, and it will take a long time to DL the bigger games of next gen. DL a 6 GB game now is one thing, constantly DL 15-50 Gb games next generation will prevent us from getting an all Digital console any time soon.

Id say MS will use around a 6x blu-ray drive, maybe even faster depending on whan the console arrives.

Im sure they want their console to be able to play bluray movies as its the standard now.

death2smoochie2311d ago

Bypass Blu-ray and optical media altogether.
Just have the next round of consoles using massive HDD or SSD and have all games installed on them.
Only use the optical drive to install the game. So it won't matter if its
DVD-9 or Bluy-Ray.
You keep the physical copy and install it.
PC's do this and hopefully the next generation consoles follow. No more load times or little of it.

Legion2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Solidus187-SCMilk "Im sure they want their console to be able to play bluray movies as its the standard now."

DVDs are still the standard, don't let anyone fool you. Bluray sales have not come close to surpassing DVD sales and won't anytime soon.

But yes, it would be nice to have a device that would play DVD, and Bluray... but I would care most to have the best media for my games to play versus having the best media device. So if they have a better media for gaming then go with it. As for the reading device... they can always spend that little more to have a device that reads DVD, Bluray without needing to use Bluray as their game media. And if it reads DVD, Bluray and gaming media then that is even better.

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ATi_Elite2312d ago

Next Gen: Sony Next Gen Blu-Ray and more installs
M$ PC DVD Rom and all installs

john22312d ago

It wasn't surprising when DICE revealed it'll ship on two disks - just can't wait for the game, either way.

psb2312d ago

m picking this up for the PS3, I'm not bothered one bit about it shipping on two disks on the Xbox 360.

XDF2312d ago

Then why bothered putting in your 2 cent worth of opinion?

JaredH2312d ago

I'm gonna pick it up on 360 and I'm not bothered by having two disks either.

Perjoss2311d ago

When games start using 6 or 7 discs then i might get a bit frustrated. I played Lost Odyssey with 4 discs and that was no problem at all, once you have the discs installed you forget all about it.

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wwm0nkey2312d ago

actually the 360 DVD9's only store up to 7.9gigs now. It used to be 6.8 gigs but they freed up an extra gig by removing the security checks from the disc and putting the security checks on the DVD drive itself.

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