10 Mind Bogglingly Poor Levels in Good Games

"Some games are great, but very few sustain a consistent greatness for their entirety. Indeed, just think of your favourite game in the world and there is bound to be the odd mission, task or level that really blows. Here’s a run down of ten levels in otherwise good games that really stick out like a sore thumb for being a little sucky."

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NukaCola2586d ago

Nailed it with Splinter Cell. The Iraq level was not only a pile of poo, it looks worse than any other level and played terrible. It was as if they needed something to add to the story.

_Aarix_2586d ago

What does this remind you of......Iraq.
*incoming random daydream!*

BeOneWithTheGun2586d ago

I will say, I really liked the Nightmare level in Max Payne, though. That baby crying was creepy as all Hell.

barom2585d ago

I kinda liked Nightmare level too but it was quite annoying. I was much younger back then and it annoyed the crap outta of me when I fell into the darkness and had to go through the whole "platforming sequence" again and again.

I think it could've been better executed. I rather have it in there then not though so I think Remedy did a good job.

Kleptic2585d ago

^^they brought it back for Max Payne 2 in a much better way i thought...with a weird carnival level and more platforming that wasn't nearly as bad...

but yeah, I didn't mind the nightmare things in MP1...the first time...but the rest of the 20 times i played through that game...they sucked...bad...

Kalowest2585d ago

I disagree on Splinter Cell: Conviction, I loved that level.

TopDudeMan2586d ago

Oh, yeah. That rock tunnel in pokemon. Why do I have to teach my pokemon shit moves just to progress through that tunnel?

execution172585d ago

haha funny when your pokemon are on the verge of fainting than who suddenly appears Gary mother f*cking Oak

Pwnage182022585d ago

I agree completely that just Pissed me off so much. I hate worthless moves. Especially when you Need them. But beside the horrible tunnels of Hell and Zubats Pokemon RULEZ

SilverSlug2586d ago

Whatever that Gears of War 1 level was, the one where you can't 'go into the dark'. Terrible.

thrasherv32585d ago

If by "terrible" you mean "fun" then yes, you would be correct.

SilverSlug2585d ago

What is so fun about standing in light and waiting for light to move to go forward?

This is what is wrong with gaming. ...

gypsygib2585d ago

That Gears level was awesome IMO.

The only levels I think totally suck are the ones that are incredibly hard, long and repetitive or just really long and the Library in Halo.

lategamer2585d ago

The Library was a really fun level IMO. Legendary + Co-Op + Shotgun = Awesome. Cortana in Halo 3, that was a terrible level.

guigsy2585d ago

The entire Gears 1 campaign was awesome in my opinion, so much so that Gears 2 and 3 failed to match its standards. Many of the underground chapters in Gears 2 grew tiresome.

TKCMuzzer2586d ago

Gears of War 2 - Inside the worm.
It felt like it had been added to cross off certain elements and just to break up the shooting. Bored the crap out of me.

I know he did not list it but it just stands out for me.

To all Gears fans, I like the games but this one level seemed a bit weird to me. Just my opinion.

benpicko2586d ago

It's weird because that's my favourite level...

TKCMuzzer2586d ago

lol. We are truly all different.

RockmanII72586d ago

Outside of Iraq I disagree with this entire list, and the fact that he lists SF4 Seth and not SF2 Bison shows he probably hasn't played games before 2000.

TopDudeMan2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Dude, sonic 2 is on the list. That was a 90s game. Pay attention.

Chemical plant zone is a good level. But you said he probably hasn't played a game before 2000, which obviously he has.

RockmanII72586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

And he picked a good level, if Chemical Plant zone was so bad why is it getting into Generations?

Fez2586d ago

I liked chemical plant zone. Don't know why that made the list?

DragonKnight2585d ago

SF3 Gil is worse than SF2 Bison. At least with Bison, you could be cheap and win if you had to. With Gil, even that doesn't work thanks to (try not to hear his voice) Resurrection.

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