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Gamers Nexus: "Our recently-posted $550 budget gaming PC and $1795 BF3-themed rig have both prompted support requests on our forums for building an in-between system -- that's what this one accomplishes. If you're in the "heavy wallet, but not quite burning a hole in my pants" stage of the game, this ~$868 build will suit you beautifully for many, many years of gaming on high or ultra graphics settings."

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badz1492458d ago

and hook it on your tv, you then just need games to play on it! at similar prize, you got only a GPU! kinda reminding me why I'm still on my HD4850 from 2 years ago! luckily I'm mostly a console gamer and only plays several games on pc.

btw, I still play games such as PES 2012, Transformers WfC, LEGO games, TF2 and some others on max setting at 1080p! I played BFBC2 at 1080p on medium though.

badz1492458d ago

seems like having 'just' a HD4850 is a crime over here lol!

Ranich2457d ago

While you're playing your game with texture pop-ins and screen tearing, I'm enjoying my settings on max with no texture pop-ins and max AA. :)

GamersRulz2458d ago

PC guys will come soon to this tread claiming that you can build better rig for less....then everyone will start bragging about his gfx and Cpu specs, they can play all games maxed out bla bla bla Solid 60FPS bla bla bla, screwed by ID software bla....etc.

caboose322458d ago (Edited 2458d ago ) can build a computer for less.

Unless I missed something and $868 is now the lowest possible price for building a gaming pc, then I'll be damned.

one2thr2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Lol my build is going to have the i5-2500( non-k) CPU, but everything else is overclockable....... Sucks not to pay $20 extra for me, yes lol
btw im going to own BF3 for both PS3 and Pc(Seeing that its my very first pc build, I needed to experience the graphics capabilities of a good pc)

ninjaman9992458d ago

I was a HUGE PS3 guy till I got the cash to put together my new rig. Now the only reason my PS3 turns on is for games that aren't on PC since (Dark Souls, jizz jizz <3 ) the quality of a game changes greatly once you add 60 fps, cleaner and more consistent visuals, patching happening much faster (Since Sony And MSs system for approving patches is MAD long compared to Valves) and things like modding for games with a much more dedicated community (L4D, Stalker ETC) so although PC gaming is a bit of a hassle and is more expensive, its WAY worth it IMO :)

gypsygib2458d ago

Way too much money to spend, for that money, the games should look like Avatar.

Most PC games are just higher HD and better framerate versions of console games so why spend all that money.

bumnut2458d ago

Thats a bit like saying a modified car is just a faster, better handling version of the standard car.

Coach_McGuirk2458d ago

Morty: "How could you spend two hundred dollars on a tip calculator?!"
Jerry: "It does other things!"

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