GTA franchise sale on Steam; Last day

Just in case you missed the memo, Steam has an amazing deal on all the GTA games. From the original GTA to Liberty City Episodes, they have it all and for amazing prices.

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B00M2459d ago

What a deal. It like £5 here in the UK.

StayStatic2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Yup , i could not resist even though im 3 quarters the way through the campaign on GTA4 , 360 version.

PC one looks and feels way more fluid framerate , defo worth a fiver for the lot+ double achievement points :)

I know peeople bash GFWL but i kinda like it for that purpose and been able to talk to peeps on steams aswell as xbox live at the same time.

Shame i can't import my save xD

B00M2459d ago

Yeh know what you mean about not being able to import saves lol. I almost platinumed GTA4 on PS3 and played the episodes on 360, so I've done a lot. Dont really wanna do it all again.

dougr2459d ago

Not only the framerate, but the visuals are just remarkably better for the pc version. I was surprised at how much a difference in visuals there were between the PS3 and computer version of GTA IV.

thephillup2459d ago

And some people are making a realism texture pack which looks stunning.

BattleAxe2459d ago

I played through GTA3 during the summer, and the KB/M worked really well with the game. I got in on the GTA 1,2,3,Vice City and SA for $7.50 during the summer sale.