Forza 4 Review [] "When Turn 10 decided to challenge Polyphany Digital for the title of best simulation driving game in existence, a lot of people dismissed them. Now on their fourth iteration, Turn 10 are firmly in people's minds. This iteration has received upgrades in all areas which means that even very dedicated Forza Motorsport 3 players who have invested the time to unlock everything in the game and horde money like Scrooge McDuck have reasons to pick up this game. For the long time players, the game even looks at their save files and gives them certain high quality cars and upgrades depending on what they own in Forza 3, which is a good loyalty reward for long time fans."

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lochdoun2344d ago

Best racing game of this generation.
Remarkable achievement by Turn 10.

btk2344d ago

Interesting. Metacritic score of Forza 4 is lower than Forza 3. Does that mean it is getting worse? /s