Would you buy Uncharted 3′s offline mode on its own?

In an interview with The Sixth Axis, Naughty Dog’s Justin Richmond has defended the decision to require an online pass to access Uncharted 3′s online modes. Apparently – given the sheer amount of content the MP modes boast – without the inclusion of the online pass the company would have to split the game into two and charge separately.

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Motorola2343d ago

Yes.. I do like the Multiplayer as well though.

Misterhbk2343d ago

Yep, sure would. Uncharted definitely rely has one of if not the best single player of this generation. The multiplayer is just icing on the cake.

da_2pacalypse2342d ago

who buys uncharted games for multiplayer anyways? :S

Iroquois_Pliskin2342d ago

couldnt have said it better! bubbles

Boody-Bandit2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I buy Uncharted for the offline portion of the game. The multiplayer gives me something to do once I have done all I can do in the story mode.

So to answer the question: HELL YES!

badz1492342d ago

it's highly acclaimed as an SP game, not MP! so for me too, it's a YES in a heartbeat!

MaxXAttaxX2342d ago

Single-Player/Story mode is more like it. And yes. That's the main reason I'm buying the game.

inveni02342d ago

I'd pay $120 for just the single player portion of Uncharted 3. Just like I'd pay $120 to have someone go to Connecticut and buy me a grinder. All we have here is Subway...and they just don't compare.

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Sevir042343d ago

LOL i didn't even touch Uncharted 2's Multiplayer an i payed 60 USD for it at launch! It stands to suffice that i could careless about the online modes are pass associated with it because this game is by large and foremost a single player game! I agree its multiplay has been given more attention from the onset of its the development on the the 3rd game, and i'm sure they've become experts of their craft, but its just that I'm from a time when single player games were most prominent! I'm a stubborn one! I'd Gladly plunk down money for both halves of the game... Since i'm already getting the game new the online pass doesn't affect me! soooooo its like buying the original uncharted

EmperorDalek2342d ago

Uncharted 1 is one of my favourite PS3 games so far... but 12 hours is a bit of an exaggeration. It took me 8-9 hours on my first playthrough.

Sevir042342d ago

It isn't a stretch, people play games a bit differently, my first play through of U:DF was 12 hours and on hard!

JsonHenry2342d ago

I'd rent it. I don't buy any linear single player game. No matter how good, even if it is as good as the Uncharted series. (which I consider in a league of its own from most platformers/3rd person shooters)

nycredude2342d ago

Your either cheap or broke, both of which sucks for you.

MaxXAttaxX2342d ago

Then you must have never owned many games from previous generations, because the majority of them were linear. It's nothing new.

JsonHenry2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I'm just better with my money than you. No reason to pay $60 for a game that I will never touch again after a 4-10 hour long single player campaign. Gamefly has saved me so much money. Especially this time of year. Now if I could find a way to rent PC games, I'd really be saving money!

MaxXAttaxX2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

I don't buy every game that I play. You may be on a budget, but it doesn't make you any better with your money than I am.

Uncharted is a game with great replayability and unlockables. I probably have replayed UC2 about 6 or 7 times.
An open-world game that takes 80 hours to complete seems boring to replay more than once or twice. You'll almost never finish the second(or third) playthrough, as it takes a forever.

It would be like watching your favorite movie only once.

Besides, if you like MP, there's that to come back to and co-op mode and splitscreen with buddies.
Uncharted deserves a place on my collection of games.

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Getowned2342d ago

Would you buy Uncharted 3′s offline mode on its own?

I buy Uncharted for the SP not the MP but I don't mind the Mp its a nice bonus.

Blaze9292342d ago

I think we'll be seeing this in the near future, even this gen. Where publishers will split their online and multiplayer components into two different $30 packages.

For Uncharted 3, I'd be happy with buying the SP package. Couldn't care less about Uncharted multiplayer

Quagmire2342d ago

I hope thats what they do in the future. Sell the SP games at half price, and the MP for half price.

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jerethdagryphon2343d ago

if it didnt have online trophys to worry about getting a plat yes in a heartbeat i dont do online

NukaCola2343d ago

There is two online trophies. One for playing MP, one fr playing co-op. Not like it's a challenge to get them both.

With DLC, Uncharted 2 added fun trophies for the online, but nothing effcting you platinum. I think how they did it was brilliant and not a burden at all.

ON TOPIC: Hell yeah I would, I bought the original Uncharted and loved it's amazing story and gameplay and got Uncharted 2 on the same reasons. The multiplayer was just a big bonus that blew us all away. With Uncharted 3, it's all about the SP first. And then after Icomplete everything in it, I will start the co-op and then the MP. Oh it's a week away!

Tanir2343d ago

um, i mostly buy it for the singleplayer. i play the MP for a bit with my fiance but otherwise SP is all i need

zerocrossing2343d ago

I don't know where everyone else stands with this whole "Online Pass" thing, but I for one am strongly against it.

When you buy a game (new or 2nd hand) you should get the game in its entirety and not be forced to pay to play online, online gaming now is bigger than it has ever been and they know that pulling this crap means devs stand to earn a shi* load of cash! great right?, well that is if you don't mind it possibly being at the cost of second hand game reatailers.

guitarded772342d ago

Well, developers aren't getting any money for your purchase of the game second hand unless you buy a pass. So now that you've joined the rank of paying customers, write them a letter telling them how you "feel"... I'm sure they'll give a ______.

vickers5002342d ago

"Well, developers aren't getting any money for your purchase of the game second hand"

Neither are movie studios from used movie sales, or car manufacturers from used car sales. I love gaming, but it does not deserve special treatment. No other industry does that kind of crap.

And the argument of "well it costs them extra to keep up online/server functionality" is bullsh*t, since they are still only having to deal with that one game being online. The original copy was still paid in full, it has simply transferred ownership, so it's not like they're paying for an extra person, they're still paying for that ONE copy.

Human Analog2342d ago

@ Vickers500... The major difference is in the used car market, and movie market, the used purchaser is not consuming from them. If someone buys a used game, and plays it online. They are using resources the developer put in place. Bandwidth, server-time, ETC. When you buy a used car, you still have to pay to have it fixed, they don't give you a free ride just because you have their product, and neither should developers.

guitarded772342d ago

Well, let's take a closer look at your examples...

Auto Industry: We could argue dealers get used car $ but it's more of a grey area, so we'll jump right to the fact that cars are made of parts... parts need to be replaced over time. Consumers can buy factory parts or cheaper after market parts... both of which give money to the car manufacturer.

Movie Industry: Glad you brought this one up... you anti pass people always do. Movies (decent ones) start their moneymaking cycle at theaters, where, if good, make a ton of $$$ after that they have licensing money coming in so they can be shown on cable and TV, and this is all before you get to the retail market.

This is my last bubble because I said naughty words on n4g, so if you feel you still have a point, please PM me.

vickers5002342d ago

"If someone buys a used game, and plays it online. They are using resources the developer put in place. Bandwidth, server-time"

Yeah, but they are consuming from them using an already paid for copy. The developer already got paid the $65 bucks to be able to pay for the bandwidth usage, so no extra strain is being put on the servers at all, the servers are STILL ONLY ACCOUNTING FOR ONE SLOT/PERSON. So no, it's not like devs are losing money or resources when it comes to server maintenance/bandwidth fees.

"so we'll jump right to the fact that cars are made of parts... parts need to be replaced over time. Consumers can buy factory parts or cheaper after market parts... both of which give money to the car manufacturer."

Okay, since you are going to make THAT argument, then I'll make this one as well: Consumers who buy used games can also buy dlc, which gives money to the developers.

@your movie industry argument

Yeah, and games make money off of merchandise and nickle and diming DLC as well. The game isn't a developers only source of revenue.

Online passes are not okay. If a developer is going to implement one, then they damn well better reduce the price of the game, because if you pay full price for something that has restricted use (as in you can't do what you want with it, such as let other people play the full product), then you are getting less of a product yet are still paying full price.

I wouldn't have a problem with online passes if they actually did what they should do and reduce the price of the game, because you are getting less value for your money.

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C_Menz2342d ago

Online passes aren't bad since they only effect people buying used games. The developers and publishers see no money from these sales and that isn't good since if they make less of a profit on a ge it is less likely to be continued or improved upon.

It costs money to run these online servers hardware wise and bandwidth wise, not to mention all of the costs it takes to create a game.

If you want to save money now you just need to wait a few month until the game drops by $20 to $30 instead of lining retailers pockets to save $5 to $10 on a used version.