No Battlefield 3 Private Matches On Consoles For Launch

Well today, the gaming community knows why we have never seen anything about Battlefield 3 private matches. The DICE Global Community Manager, Daniel Matros responded to a tweet asking him "make this easy.. Private matches (will/will not) be in day 1.. please chose one ;) <3 U". Daniel replied back stating, "Private matches not on launch for consoles.". This is very disappointing to hear since there are quite a few hardcore gamebattles players on console.

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aviator1892404d ago

Wow, that is pretty disappointing. I hope they'll get introduced soon after launch.

Motorola2404d ago

Pretty sure it will after launch

malol2404d ago

since when did they add a feature after launch ?
and by that i mean DICE

i mean we are still waiting for those BC2 mod tools
they said they'll be out after lunch but
nothing happened !!

im afraid that's how DICE rolls
hopefully they do it this time

alexmac2404d ago

They will. And mod tools too. They started working on BF3 instead of addons to BC2 since they know it wasnt going to be a good game for long...

malol2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

busy in BF3 making the BC2 Vietnam DLC
port old maps from BC to BC2
sespact kits for BC2
and balance for BC2
and giving maps to VIP and non VIP players

no they just didnt care about it
if they did it would have been done when the game lunched

littlemac2404d ago

Its been a year since all of dat bro... Except for vietnam

ECM0NEY2403d ago


After lunch? Come on Dice its almost dinner time

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lugia 40002404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

I never did a private match on BC2.

3GenGames2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Only because of the RETARDEDLY HIGH number of people needed to start one...

I hope they add a small 4 on 4 P2P connection system so we can get nice dedicated servers but then also some private matches for like 2 people.

alexmac2404d ago

Agree. I want to test out jets!

wlchrbandit2404d ago

You should be able to start a private match with just yourself, I really wanted this in BFBC2 so I could practice flying the helicopters... It's silly for them not to let you, it just results in a lot of bad, pilots that seem to be magnetically attracted to the nearest tree or building.

BALLARD322404d ago

It was pretty pointless to me in BC2 and 1943 because you had to have at least eight people to start one.

Anti-Fanboyer2404d ago

This right here, unless you had a whole batch of friends playing the game at the same time, it wasn't really worth the effort sitting in the lobby waiting for the host to invite random people.

littlemac2404d ago

Probably will be in one of the updates out of many that will be in October.

Hufandpuf2404d ago

Private matches are crucial to clans and teams. Even though 1% of BFBC2 players used it, the player count to start was TOO HIGH.

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The story is too old to be commented.