ManaTank - Batman: Arkham City Review

A sequel should always improve upon its predecessor. It should take the established formula that worked so well, add a few new bells and whistles and create a game that is ultimately better that the first game in a series. Batman: Arkham City does not do this – instead it takes the original Batman: Arkham Asylum, ramps it up about ten notches, adds a huge amount of stellar gameplay, storylines, more super-villains that you can possibly hope for and delivers simply the very best gaming experience I’ve played in years. Arkham City, in short, is utterly breath-taking.

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DrFUD2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Enough with the great and perfect scores on this one.

The actual gameplay is actually weak to a generous poor.
Oh look, it's a group of beefy thugs....
let's see how many times we have to punch each one before we can progress but let's not take note of how un-fun it is since we couldn't give it a perfect score if it's not fun at its core.

I agree it looks like a champ but looks aren't everything guys (2K12 basketball is a prime example since it controls like shat)

Pintheshadows2340d ago

Whilst it may not be to everyones taste I can't agree that the combat is poor. It is simple but it works well and as you progress further more variations to it unlock.

May main gripe is the Catwoman missions. Rocksteady tried to weave them into the main narrative and I think they put them in the wrong places. In fact they should of kept them separate all together.