Battlefield 3 - Day One Patch is online

Earlier this month DICE confirmed that Battlefield 3 will “probably” have a day one patch, which “will include feedback from the beta”. Now the Update is online.

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Bolts2343d ago

Not good. It means that a lot of bugs will probably be in the game.

padz12343d ago

How does it mean that?!

DirtyLary2343d ago

UMP balancing for sure.

HeavenlySnipes2343d ago

your comment. Then read the title of the article. Next, look up the definition of a patch. Does what you typed still make sense to you?

How can patching all (or most)of the bug mean that the game will be buggy?

Bolts2343d ago

Umm. Yeah because patches always fix bugs right? Oh wait. It's the real world, and they don't. This is a launch day patch, and launch day patches just get the game work, thats all. Having seen the beta there's no telling what pesky bugs are still unpatched.

arjman2343d ago

While we don't know for sure, past history shows that patches do open up new problems just look at CoD 4-present for your answer

BLuKhaos2343d ago

I understand what you are saying but look at the game that you're basing that history on. I don't think there's a more incompetent group of devs out there than the ones who work on COD.

GhettoBlasStarr2343d ago

Well from all the leaked footage I've seen so far has no bugs.....and thats before this patch.
I Loved the beta because looked pasted all the bugs, it was a "BETA"
This game is well worth the $60 IMHO.

MikEyG2343d ago

Yeah Fanboi how did you come up with that s***,sweetest graphics I've seen yet on a console DICE know what there doing unlike a lot of developers these days.

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DirtyLary2343d ago

They said the PC version is in the pre-load. We'll see.

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andreasx2343d ago

omg! the difference is so huge i have problems speaking correctly! definately hd pack for me!

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The story is too old to be commented.