Rating-Pending: Is Reality What We Really Want?

Has realism in games been taken too far?

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rabidpancakeburglar2463d ago

It hasn't gone too far yet but for games that involve killing and gore, those aspects have got real enough and shouldn't evolve more to the point where the are disturbing. There is still plenty of room for realism in the movement and character features of games though. Saints Row will no doubt be one of the most fun games this year because of a lack of realism and influx of stupidity.

MidnytRain2463d ago

BF3 has reminded us that animations can still be improved greatly and that good use of them can produce phenomenal results. BFBC2 made me appreciate sound; BF3 will make me appreciate animation.

BrightFalls762463d ago

If it is a series like Uncharted I am all for more realism but if it is a series like Gears I'm not because the gore is over the top which just doesn't appeal to me.

ginsunuva2463d ago

Games like Plants vs Zombies and Fat Princess are pushing too hard to be realistic. I feel that games shouldnt try to imitate real life like those do.

ignorantsonsof_2463d ago

I'd choose art style over detail every time.

gypsygib2463d ago

I like games because of the style, I prefer a great imagination to a great technical re-creation of reality in visual design.

But I would like more realkstic AI and physics.

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