Ugh. Okay, I Admit It. GameStop Did Something Good This Time

BNBGaming: Take the worst image, place or thing you can think of. A store that you wouldn’t go into if they were selling your childhood memories out front for 50 cents apiece. Got it? Okay. I hate GameStop more than you hate that thing. I’ve written about my extensive hatred of GameStop many times before. However, occasionally, by some ass-backwards corporate way, they do something good for their customers. I hate, (really hate) to admit it, but somehow, in this case, GameStop has done something good.

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Michael-Jackson2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Not really. It depends on who approached who with this idea. Obviously WarnerBros will get a cut on this deal by providing the codes to Gamestop.

By advertising the code with the pre-owned game, it will increase the chances of selling Arkham City.

jeseth2284d ago

People need to get over themselves. There is nothing wrong with Gamestop that isn't wrong with any other stores.

I can't believe people spend so much energy and hot air hating on them so much. Just shop somewhere else and STFU.

gamingdroid2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

I kind of agree with this even though I don't like GameStop. They aren't doing anything, but free trade. Publishers are free to price their product and if they price it too high, it will create secondary markets. This is the way it is suppose to work.

The greedier publishers get i.e. raising prices, the more opportunity there is for companies like GameStop to control prices due to the higher profit margin. This will in turn create competitors to GameStop like Best Buy, Amazon and so on. This keeps prices in check and is good for consumers.

So, I don't really understand how people would be against GameStop whom hires thousands of employes an instead want to enrich publishers that make a billion in profit a year.

We aren't talking indie developer here. We are talking multi-billion corporations that make almost a billion in profit yearly. Don't buy the game industry FUD!

They don't need your money, they just WANT IT!

kaveti66162284d ago

I purchased a used copy of Mirror's Edge from Gamestop for 20 bucks, played it, and returned it a week later for a full refund.

The policy was that if I wasn't satisfied with the game I could return it.

That's a better policy than what Target has.

Laxman2283d ago

Hell yeah! I dont mind paying a little more for good customer service and the return policy.

ZBlacktt2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Yes, that is a good deal they do. They'll even tell you that when buying it. A week it totally fare.

ZBlacktt2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Maybe they are just venting? How about you STFU and move on to another story? Or is telling people what they can and can't do a better fit for you? Inb4 excuses's on why people can't speak their mind and how you are just tired of seeing/reading it.

bozebo2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Hmmm... not allowing catwoman levels to be played might actually be illegal here in the EU or the UK.

They are legally allowed to lock out multiplayer because it is a service and not technically part of the product. If it is contained on the disk, they have no justification to disallow it's use by the legal owner of the physical product (somehow they get away with that with DLC that resides on the disk). I can't exactly imagine there being a court case over it though lol :P

It's the flip-side or the argument about San Andreas' hot coffee mod. That content is physically on the disk, but the actual fact that it can't be played without manipulating the game (which is against the eula anyway) didn't stop the media going crazy.

So, hence, if something is illegal and it isn't worth having a court case over then there is no incentive to avoid that malpractice. Loads of retailers and manufacturers do that all the time and they only ever seem to get caught over monopolisation but they get away with price fixing all the time. (rant unrelated to games)

GG Gamestop for not being ****s.

morganfell2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

I rarely trade games. But I am at the point now where every cabinet is full so two weeks ago I chose some titles I knew I would never play again or use for reference and went to Gamestop. With my Power Up Rewards Card they offered just over $112 USD.

I took those same titles to Best Buy a few miles away where I have a membership. Total? $186.

It gets better.

The guy asked if I had preordered BF3, MW3, or Batman on any platform. I told him that the only game reservations I had left at Gamestop were for a console and PC version of BF3. That's when he showed me the deal.

Because I took the offer and preordered one copy of BF3 at Best Buy and they bumped my trade in from $186 to $302 which they gave me on a gift card. Insane, isn't it. I wound up ordering both my BF3 copies from there and shifting the funds at Gamestop over to my Vita. The only thing I have left there.

I bought literally over $2500 worth of games across 5 platforms in the year I had my Gamestop membership from that store alone and didn't earn hardly any rewards. Mainly because 99% of my purchases are new rather than used titles. For now, the Best Buy offers are some of the best I have seen.

EDIT: regarding trade-ins, it's summed up here:

gamingdroid2284d ago

Your immediate mistake was to go to GameStop. They are by far the worst both in trade-in value and game prices. Best Buy is a happy medium since they are a brick and mortar store.

I tend to stick to for the few trade-ins I do and most of the time they have the best prices.

In terms of trade-ins, I couldn't agree more. Online Passes and especially campaign lock-outs are just plain nasty. I refuse to buy Batman and will likely boycott BF3 as well.

As it stands, EA is far more evil than Activision. I would hate to see what EA does after they become the dominating force in the industry and take over Activision. They already introduced online passes, ability to delete your games from inactivity, spy on your computer....

At least Activision doesn't scheme, they just plainly greedy. Want it, that is what it's gonna cost. They aren't trying to sell you a trojan horse.

antz11042284d ago

Good on you man, but Best Buy literally has the worst trade-in system Ive ever seen. Taking your pic with the game and getting a thumb print?It took my buddy 15 minutes to trade in one game. The salesman told us that roughly 90% of people that trade in there never come back to do it again.

Laxman2283d ago

I hear so much about good stuff about Best Buy. We have nothing of the sort in Australia, it sucks.

Cobra12284d ago

"Allow us to play the game we paid you for" Right. Except YOU didn't pay the developer for the game, someone else did and now you're expecting to get the special content for free when you aren't even paying full price for the game. You are correct in saying the original purchaser has the right to do whatever they want with it afterwards. Once they sell the copy to another entity however, the new buyer does not enjoy the same rights.

Awesome-Xanto2284d ago

It doesn't matter who paid the publisher (not developer) for the game. The point is they got paid for that single product. Online passes are nothing more than double dipping to get more money on a product they have already received compensation for.

For some absurd reason, some gamers believe this is okay for gaming... but let movies cut content or music or any other product in the world because of the second hand market and everyone will be complaining.

The point is they got paid for that product, trying to get more money from that same product that they have already received compensation for is morally wrong, it doesn't matter how many people use that product. There is are lots of other alternatives to online passes to get gamers to by new, the problem is these publishers want to take the easy way out.

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