IGN's Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings review - Another impressive DS epic

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings isn't some blockbuster epic of a game that'll rocket the DS RPG genre into legendary status. If you're looking for the traditional FF experience, you'll find that with XII on PS2. What Revenant Wings offers, however, is the next step in the story, complete with some inspiring music, beautiful visuals, impressive CGI, and some innovative RTS-like gameplay.

IGN have got a few gripes with the design, as units will often bunch together, enemy AI still isn't too bright, and the linear feel makes it easy to stock up on units and then run your blob of fighters from beginning to end with little challenge – at least during the first half of the game – but as an overall product Revenant Wings is nothing short of impressive. There are tons of side quests and hunts in the game, a huge amount of RPG depth in items, equipment, and skills, and an overwhelming amount of fan service for those that can't get enough from the FFXII world.

Overall score: 8.3/10

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Shaka2K63834d ago

Put it on PSP and just beacuase im a huge FF fan i may buy it.

Danja3834d ago

dude im a 100% Sony supporter but the DS is cool..and it has some really cool.RPG's and im definetly gonna pick this up..cuz I actually enjoyed FF12 alot...

Padre3834d ago

Another DS game that's basically better than every PSP game. No surprise for me.

Danja3834d ago

hey cliffy uhh I mean Padre..haha ok the PSP actually has a more solid game library than the DS...maybe you should pick one's coolest Handheld..ever you can play any freaking game from the past on this thing something no other Handheld..or console can do ..!

Shaka2K63834d ago

The only decent game on n-ds is children of mana but the graphics suck bad its just a modified gba with two screens and i already have one.
the touch screen is useless too, what was nintendo thining when they added that no wonder PSP destroys it sale-wise.

eyeballpauluk3834d ago

ff12 is actually really good for teh on chapter 2 now...

i must say, its not as hard or involving as other F games, but its perfect for a handheld game...lots of short bursts which is what gaming on teh go should be