Gran Turismo 5 wins Golden Joystick award for best racer of 2011

TecStories: Gran turismo 5 has just won the Golden Joystiq Best Racer of 2011 award. The award is one of the most prestigious accolades in the gaming industry. Having just edged serious contenders like dirt 3 and need for speed hot pursuit for best racing game of 2011. Gran turismo continues to garner the praise of their many loyal fans. Congratulations to Polyphony and Kazunori Yamauchi. Who have worked tirelessly to create the beast that is known as Gran Turismo 5.

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stonecold32282d ago

congs polyphony and great work sony ?

StraightPath2282d ago ShowReplies(6)
LastDance2282d ago

But all the critics told me forza was the best?

Outside_ofthe_Box2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Exactly. Forza 4 and Turn 10 are the new King right?

A lot of critics say that GT5 excels as a simulator, but falls short as a game which makes no sense to me. GT5 is trying to achieve simulation so you should judge it based on whether or not GT5 is a good simulator and nothing else. It's good to see that GT5 might actually come away with a couple of racer of the year awards. You can expect that Forza 4 will some as well if not more as it is a good game in it's own right.

newleaf2282d ago

The critics were right, the contenders were Dirt 3, GT5, Hot Pursuit and other games that have been available for the majority of 2011. Forza 4 wasn't even a contender for this year's award due to its release date being so close to the award ceremony. It will most likely be a contender next year.

Kamikaze1352282d ago

Yeah, you might as well judge a fish on how fast it can climb a tree. A lot of critics are so blinded by comparisons that they fail to see certain games for what they were truly developed for. It's a shame.

kaveti66162282d ago

"A lot of critics say that GT5 excels as a simulator, but falls short as a game which makes no sense to me."

There is no reason why that shouldn't make sense to you.

DarkKinght2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

forza came out just over week go ;/
Congratz to gt Anyway.

LastDance2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

but it came out in 2011? That doesn't make sense.

disturbing_flame2282d ago

Gt5 deserves a little shine, when we see how much people loved to hate him. Turning this review as a personal conflict against PS3 exclusives.

GT5 didn't deserve all the hate it recieved. The game is just unparalleled in lot of its department, this announcement rewards all the good things GT5 did.

Outside_ofthe_Box2282d ago

Yeah, GT5 got nitpicked to death. It was the most nitpicked game this gen. Everything GT5 did wrong had an article about it lol.

disturbing_flame2282d ago

Agreed. Actually i see this with every PS3 exclusives released this year.

It seems that the next game to have such treatment will be Uncharted 3.

It gonna be analyzed with microscop and be destroyed for every little details that are unacceptable when other games can't compare to it on most department.

CloseSecond2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

The fact that nearly every PS3 exclusive is hyped up to be the second coming of Christ doesn't help. Remember all those supposed "in game" GT5 images that got all the fanboys excited that later turned out to be photo mode shots. And all the excitement about damage modeling that again fell well short of expectations.

Reviewers are people too. If they buy into the hype they can fall just as far as the rest of us when reality takes hold. I'll bet if GT5 had been released 3-4 years ago it would have fared a lot better review wise as well. 6 years between releases is just too far apart.

Tru_Ray2282d ago

Yep. The scrutiny that this game received surpassed an acceptable level of absurdity. I have never seen a game lampooned extensively for having poor menus. I guess the higher the profile, the higher the hate is for the game when it ostensibly does not fulfill expectations.

People can tout all they want about metacritic averages, but they should realize that some franchises are held up to higher standards than others.


Rageanitus2282d ago

Just shows how gaming jouranlism has changed... for the worse

wonder where are articles for kinect capability for Forza ;)

Animal Mutha 762282d ago

The head tracking and voice control works very well thanks. A nice optional addition.

d0nT wOrrY2282d ago

I loved the series so much, and loved GT5 until I knew i can't beat the Red Bull x challenge unless i have the wheels, i was so disappointed..

Pyscho_Mantis2282d ago

u can it just takes extreme skills ( I know someone who has golded it with a DS3). You just gotta admit sometimes that you do not have the skills to do certain things in GT5 and thats why I love it. Nowadays most gamers can easily 100% most games, devs mistake duration with difficulty.

lazertroy2282d ago

Critics - Forza 4

Fans - Gran Turismo 5

Who is more important?

iamgoatman2282d ago

Forza 4 wasn't even up for nomination in this, it only released a week ago, so what are you on about?

CloseSecond2282d ago

You wait, if Forza 4 wins it next year then fanboys will be reminding everyone that GT5 won it last year and that it was released in 2010.

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