You Can Unlock the Original Sonic the Hedgehog Game in Sonic Generations

Nostalgic Sonic fans have another reason to look forward to the release of Sonic Generations.

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Chrono2245d ago

Let's play the original for the 122172586th time!

Quagmire2245d ago

They shouldve had Sonic 4 as the unlockable game.

consolevania2245d ago

Meh. This will be the 15th place I have this game in my house.

Redempteur2245d ago

i already have this game and another version thanks to psn plus
but i'll take it anyway

maniacmayhem2245d ago

Lord knows we haven't played that version enough.

It should unlock that Shadow game so everyone can see Sega's secret shame.

gumgum992245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

Why would you want that?

Sonic Generations is a celebration of Sonic's past, not an archive of the series' skeletons.

L6RD7BLU32245d ago

you can't just have one! lol

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